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Chatter is an Android app that allows you to read stories from your favourite Nigerian online media in one place. In other words, it is a news aggregator.

The app has a catalogue of online media filed under different categories, including Blogs, Business, Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle, Music, News, Sports, and Tech. Users are able to select as many information sources as they desire. They can then read updated items from those sources.

I think that the category “Blogs” will be better renamed “Personal Blogs”, reason being that most of the media listed in the app, regardless of category, are blogs anyway. These however, seem to be blogs run by individuals. Again, I recognise that naming of categories isn’t easy, with lots of often overlapping areas.

Chatter catalog 1

The “Entrepreneurs” category also seems to list strictly tech entrepreneurs. In my opinion, it is about time we start diversifying our focus on entrepreneurs. There are lots of people doing great stuff in agriculture, law, finance and other sectors of the economy that people should get to read from.

Chatter Catalog 2

One limitation of Chatter is that users are able to read published items from only one source at a time. It will be nice to add the option of being able to read items from all selected sources in one single stream (or on one single page). Items will naturally be displayed according to the time they were published. I love the present layout that lets users read from each separate media channel, so I don’t suggest that this be removed. However, that single page/stream view will be an added advantage for those who want something like that.

Chatter Selection views

It would also be nice to have notifications when new items are published on selected media. For example, notification to say ‘Ventures Africa has two new articles waiting for you’.

Chatter works fine on all Android devices that I have run it on – smartphones and tablets. It also works well on the BlackBerry Passport (which supports Android apps). Plus, the developers are constantly updating it, and it gets better with each update.

Download Chatter from Google Play.

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