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News is flying around that Prisma is now available on Android. Surprised at the jubilation, I went ahead to find out what it is all about. Lo and behold! It was a picture editing app – with a very unique swagger. I tried it out and thought to share my experience with it and show us how it works.


Prisma app basically turns your pictures to artistic paintings. Take a picture, select one of the many effects available and apply them to your picture. You can also select old pictures from your gallery and transform them. Real world artists should be really threatened by this app, and what it can do.


Internet Connection Required

The only snag with this app, is that you can only apply filters while connected to the internet. That aside, it can transform your pictures into something amazing. You can let your imagination run wild and have a ball with it.

Download Prisma

Download Prisma for Android HERE and for iOS HERE.


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