The App Store is one of the most vital features on any iOS device. This is where you get apps. Therefore, if your App Store

What to do when your App Store fails to work

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The App Store is one of the most vital features on any iOS device. This is where you get apps. Therefore, if your App Store is not working, you are missing out. There are several reasons why your App Store might not work. For example, your internet connectivity might not be so great. Also, your app might be having issues connecting with the Apple servers. Here are some things you could do if your App Store app malfunctions:

  1. Restart your iPhone: This works for a multitude of problems. Just hold down the power buttons until the Slide to Switch Off slider comes up. You can also force-reboot your device if it freezes while you use the App Store app. Hold down the power and home buttons (lower volume buttons on iPhone 7/7 Plus) until the device restarts.
  2. Sign out of the Apple ID then sign again: The app could be having trouble connecting your Apple account with the device. Sign out using the iTunes and App Store option. To do that, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, then locate your Apple ID. Tap on it, the tap on Sign Out. After a little while, sign back in.App Store
  3. Make sure your date and time are correct, or else the device will have difficulties connecting to the internet. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically and toggle the switch on. If it is on already, turn it off and on again.
  4. Restart mobile/cellular data: The App Store might malfunction if have a poor internet connection. Turn off your mobile data and turn it back on and see if the issue has been fixed.
  5. Change your WiFi DNS: For a better service, change your device’s DNS to the Google DNS. Go to Settings > WiFi and find the network that your device is connected to. After that, find the DNS option and enter
  6. Kill the app and open it again: To do this, open the multitasking window by double-tapping the Home button. Now, slide up the App Store app to kill it. After that, try to open the app again.
  7. Reset network settings: if all other options fail, you can reset networks settings on your device. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If the problem persists, you might need to have an authorised personnel have a look at your iPhone. 

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