So you finally got an Android Device, what did you get? Whether you are a sharp guy with taste and class who bought a Pliris

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So you finally got an Android Device, what did you get? Whether you are a sharp guy with taste and class who bought a Pliris Mobile device or you are some “other” guy, welcome to Android. Now that you are using a robust device one of the first things you have to confirm is, what OS is on your device?

Unless you bought a Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 7 today, you are probably running Gingerbread or ICS. GingerBread is the older 2.3.x version of Android with which most apps are compatible while the more recent OS actually checks parts of your device for compatibility. Suddenly you see the dreaded phrase “ Your Device isn’t Compatible with this version,” and it drives you to distraction.


In the race to get ICS, we all forgot something, Ice Cream Sandwich although a beautiful OS is still “new.” This means that most apps have not been updated to work on ICS. After reading an article like Ibukun Olaoya’s The grass is greener on the Android side, it’s apparent that sharp guys know where to get the apps outside the Google Play Store.


This article is meant to let you know what your next step should be. There will always be that guy or group of guys who know where to find “shady” full version apps, this isn’t one of those articles, and this is meant to help you get free apps.


  • Set your device to allow, unapproved installs.

Use Alternate Markets

  1. The Google Limitations in China have created my favorite Alternate Market, AppChina. Yes; I know its in Chinese but anyone can use the icons to get around. It auto-updates all your apps and allows you to search and find ANY available Android app.
  2. bills itself as “The world’s second largest app store with over 1 billion downloads to date, second only to the Apple App Store”. The store supports Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian platforms. You can filter down to just the Android apps by setting your phone type in the top right-hand corner of the screen. GetJar was the first place you could download the Android version of Angry Birds, before even the official Market. GetJar also gives away paid apps for free.
  3. lets you browse its catalogue of apps online or via an installable app called SAM that runs the whole experience on your Android device. Free apps can be downloaded directly from the website, while those with a price attached are only available via SlideME’s app.
  4. Amazon Appstore Amazon’s app store is probably the most well-known alternative to the Android Market. Although its only available in the US. If you are Savvy enough to set a US VPN? Visit it each day to check out the new free app — these apps are only free for a 24-hour period.
  5. Opera App Store If you use the Opera web browser, you already have Opera’s app store on your device. e Opera acquired its app store though a purchase of Handster in 2011. The store contains Android apps, in addition to apps for other platforms. You can access it through a browser on your device, or use a browser on your PC and download app APK files to your computer.

Please watch out for PlirisMobile’s WebStore coming soon. Order devices online and have them shipped nationwide in 3 days.

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  1. Thank you for opening the eyes of the App Junkies to more appSources. That sounds like sweet muzik!

    Whether you are a sharp guy with taste and class who bought a Pliris Mobile device or you are some “other” guy, welcome to Android

    I sure hope the DULL, CLASSLESS and TASTELESS ones (with non PlirisMobile Android phone) will have access to the PlirisMobile’s WebStore? :~)

    If I dump my current phone and purchase a PlirisMobile, are those apps going to be gratis , or paid?

    Seriously, in scavenging for apps all over the place, it is instructive to be aware of the possible risk of catching malware.

    We should not trivialize that unless we have strategies for coping with that fact.


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