As Apple Acquires Shazam: What Happens Next?

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Popular music recognition service, Shazam, has been powering the song recognition feature in Apple’s Siri. It has likely done it so well that Apple decided to make it a part of their empire. And so it was that Apple acquired Shazam.

Apple Acquires Shazam

Yes; it is a dog eat dog world in tech.

Everyone loves Shazam and millions of people use it across Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. I still use it till date on my Lumia 950. We can only hope that Apple will not decide to shut down the apps (especially on platforms other than iOS) and keep the tasty delight to Siri. You know how Siri can be narcissistic at times.

We hear that it cost just $400 million from Apple’s war chest to nail this acquisition. Of course, this is good news for Shazam, which has not been making as much money as it would love to. Digital is tough and even hugely successful apps and services often struggle with revenue.

Becoming a part of Apple’s empire means the service never needs to worry about cash again.

Shazam Competitors

Just in case Apple pulls Shazam and restricts its service to Siri and iOS, you should be aware of the apps’ competitors. In my opinion, none of them are as good as Shazam, but then that can probably trigger a debate. Anyway, here they are:

  1. MusixMatch
  2. SoundHound

The listed alternatives work same way as Shazam and help users identify music.

Shazam also has a lite version of its Android app, called Shazam Lite, for devices with low resources and on slow mobile networks.

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