After all the leaks, hype and anticipation, Apple announced a host of new gadgets in an event yesterday. We saw a new (bigger) iPad with an eye…

Apple announce the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Are you thrilled or vexed?

After all the leaks, hype and anticipation, Apple announced a host of new gadgets in an event yesterday. We saw a new (bigger) iPad with an eye pencil, and lastly, we saw their new phones-The Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Below is a key summary of what these new phones bring to the table:



3D Touch
This is also known as Force Touch Technology. It’s a new way of navigation whereby the screen is pressure sensitive, and responds differently depending on the pressure of your touch. For instance, press lightly to Peek at a photo, email, web page or other content, and press a little deeper to Pop into the content itself.


Camera Improvements

  • The new iPhones come with a bigger 12 MP camera. This can capture HD videos in 4k resolution (i.e 3840 x 2160 pixels).
  • There’s also a higher 5 MP FaceTime® HD camera and Retina Flash. This means the screen of the phone acts as a flash for the front camera.
  • Live Photos – A feature to capture and save the moments immediately before and after the shot is taken.

Other additions

  • New 7000 series Aluminum alloy, same used in the aerospace industry, with availability in new colour-Rose Gold.
  • New designed A9 chip, for faster performance and better life.
  • Stronger ion-strengthened glass display.
  • New iOS 9 software.
  • Faster Wi-Fi and LTE Advanced, with support for up to 23 LTE bands.

With all these announcements, you may ask, “Is this worth all the hype?” Personally, I was thrilled with the rumors of the upcoming Force Touch Technology, but Apple’s implementation feels to elementary. The very small battery of the iPhone 6s is another cause for concern.

But hey!! This is the iPhone, and people will definitely buy, after all, it’s an iPhone. Are you thrilled with the new release or does it sound boring?

Your thoughts.

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  1. Nothing to be excited about.

    The Apple announcement was quite boring.

    Now, the day after, where’s the WOW factor?

    People have moved on to other news, but of course the dumb Apple fans will still go and waste their money on the new toys when released.

  2. Apple of recent have not been known for any major shake-up of the industry,last time out an increase in the IPhones’ screen dimensions was their biggest selling point,this year an upgrade in the camera MP seems to be their biggest catch phrase,but then for the iSheeps just the Apple logo is enough reason to start salivating..

  3. I dont think there’s enough reason to insult fans over their choices of mobile phones. Dumb is a big word to use.
    People have a choice to buy whatever they wanna use their money to buy. Its their choice.
    Apple may not cut it for you, it does for someone else.
    There’s something for everyone. simply go with whatever floats your boat!

  4. it’s Apple, small but significant improvements are their trademark. anyone expecting major changes was set up for disappointment. Apple sells UX not hardware or software, somehow they’ll manage to make the experience better, just enough improvement to justify an upgrade for people already in the Apple Ecosystem and maybe attract a few new converts
    the smaller battery in the 6S & Apple’s insistence on 16 GB variants are sore points for me, but i suppose they aren’t deal breakers

  5. Elroy, I can only presume you deliberately chose the title to provoked and not generate discussion. And from the few responses, objective completed!

    @3WT, people actually buy those 16GB versions of the iPhone. Not everyone wants – or uses – more than 16GB. If they didn’t, Apple wouldn’t still produce them, like the leftover 8GB iPhones still floating around.

    And you’re right, it’s all about the UX and that is why iOS users keep coming back.

  6. people buy Android phones with 4/8 GB ROMs as well, that wasn’t my point. 16 GB iPhones can be problematic, i know a few people who had problems updating their 16 GB iPhones due to memory constraints. they had to backup, then update with iTunes on a PC. Apple’s making people who intend to use their iPhones for long(er) periods shell out $100 for the extra storage 64 GB variants afford or rely on iCloud storage. it’s profit hugging

  7. @3WT, iPhones with 16GB can be problematic? Sorry but that’s a bit of a weak argument. If the people you know with problems don’t want to shell out an extra 100 there are other options out there, shoot, they don’t even have to buy new as there are enough good used options out there from the last two years that are available.

    You can’t call it profit hugging simply because it doesn’t do what you want and you don’t want to shell out for the extra space on a brand new device. iPhones have been known for that from their inception, if you have 16GB pocket and 64GB needs and don’t want to consider your options before shelling out for a new 16GB iPhone, na wa for you.

    I know people with the same problem and funny enough, they’ve learned to manage (not that they had a choice!). I never advise anyone to buy a 16GB device if they know they download music and take lots of photos. I learned that from my own experiences with a 16GB iPhone, an 8GB Windows Phone and an8GB Android phone.

    I don’t know any iPhone user who has ever paid for iCloud storage and most people don’t backup on iTunes until something goes wrong or there’s a problem. I for one don’t store photos on iCloud when there’s OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

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