Apple announces the next iPhone launch event

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*This is not another iPhone 5 rumour.

Yesterday, Apple officially silenced all the iPhone 5 rumours with the official announcement of the iphone launch. The message simply reads “Let’s Talk iPhone”.

As you can see in the picture, the event will take place on the 4th of October (the 4 in the calendar app) at 10.00 am Pacific Time on Apple’s Cupertino Campus (tagged on the Maps app). Apple also could just have silently mentioned that only one iPhone will be launched, but we can’t be too sure.

One more ‘secret’ feature that Apple claims will be a game changer besides the new camera and iOS5 is what is now referred to as the “Assistant”. It is believed to be enhanced voice control which has deep integration into the iOS5.

Stay tuned to Mobility for full coverage of the event next week.


  1. ‘ It is believed to be enhanced voice control which has deep integration into the iOS5.’

    While enhancing that voice control, i hope the power management is also keeping pace.

    Heard the ‘SpelkBinder’ Jobs is taking a back seat to allow the new CEO a chance at the ‘gullible world’… I hope he makes a mess of the hypnotic, fruity event – nothing personal (* dodging missiles *)

  2. @Eye.Bee.Kay: good thing you started dodging the missiles before they even started aiming. Lol. Dont let my fellow Apple fanboys catch u!

  3. Eye.Bee.Kay thank God you’ve already started dodging missiles before they come. I am about to hurl some your way. Heeheehee.

    On a serious note, Steve Jobs has no Hypnotism and is not a magician casting spells. He is just a Geek, CEO and Salesperson that has a strong enthusiasm and passion for his products! I also strongly believe that Apple’s products are just magical.

    Yes, We’re all waiting for Tuesday Oct 4th to see what Apple has to offer. I believe it may be another game changer again. A device (iphone 5) may be introduced which may disrupt the already disrupted mobile Tech World Further!

    By the way, Ayo is doing a great job reporting on Apple. You have my warmest regards!

  4. @Ayo Olanrewaju, do not mind me ooo.

    By the way, i think you are doing a really great job.. I have found every single one of your articles truly informative and enlightening.

    Well done Sir !

  5. iphone releases have always been stealing shows. Even the Almighty CNN get to talk about it for days most times. Well, this year something interesting will also be happening. The droids are becoming more daring. HTC is launching the Sensation XL 2 days after the iphone5, while samsung will be launching the Nexus Prime a week later Oct 11. Its gonna be a battle but I don’t think any of the droids will stand a chance at taking the spotlight. At the end of the day we all just place orders for our choices….mine is definitely the Nexus Prime!

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