Apple are in line to purchase Nokia HERE Maps

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Nokia has been making headlines in recent times, purchasing Alcatel-Lucent, hinting at making phones next year, and now this.


Sometime ago, we hinted that Nokia could be gearing up to sell it’s HERE Maps division. It appears buyers are already queuing up to purchase the location-based service.

Asides Apple, some other firms have been approached. They include: Alibaba, Inc, Facebook Inc, and a group of German car makers. The Finnish company is expecting bids in excesses of $3.2 billion, and these are expected to start arriving soon.

It would really make sense if Apple succeeds, because their Maps service is nothing to write home about.



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  1. Funny, I posted a response to this and it seems to have disappeared…

    Anyways, good thing as Apple Maps are truly awful. I wonder if it will be anything like it is on WP where you can download and use the map offline? I have HERE map on the Ubuntu phone and it’s mainly an online affair.

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