Apple buys RealFace, facial recognition software firm

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Guys, what do you think about facial recognition software? For real now, guys. Not the ones we like to make jokes about; real facial recognition software. You know, the kind we see in sci-fi movies. Well, Apple just took another step into making this a reality. Remember the previous article about Apple including an on-screen fingerprint scanner? Apple might go one step further with facial recognition software. They just bought a facial recognition company, guys. This company is called RealFace, and it is based in Israel.

Hold your “real face” jokes, though- Apple is being serious here. Last year, Samsung launched an awesome piece of work- the iris scanner- with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Other companies are stepping up their fingerprint-scan game. However, Apple does not mess around when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Here they are, looking to do one better in mobile device security with RealFace.

RealFace facial recognition software

About RealFace

What is RealFace, you might be wondering. RealFace is an Israeli-based company which specializes in facial recognition technology. Their aim is to render passwords redundant, and they do this by creating a smart biometric login for mobile devices or PCs. This technology has potential use in mobile technology, augmented reality and virtual reality. So, you can see where Apple is going with this takeover. Apple reportedly purchased this company for $2 million or more; however, it has not been confirmed yet.

However, what does this info entail for the next iPhone? It means that along with the on-screen fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 8 might have a facial recognition feature. This means that user authentication can effectively be hands-free; this makes it more convenient. However, it is still unclear how the facial scanner will work. But then, we can expect it to work in a similar manner to the Samsung iris scanner. Well, the future is here, folks. Don’t say that you did not know.

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