Would you buy an Apple-certified power bank for N21,000?

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Imagine a power bank that can be charged using a Lightning Connector cable. Imagine an Apple-certified power bank with 10,000 mAh battery capacity.

Imagine what that would mean to iPhone and iPad users. Suddenly, they would not need to carry a separate USB-C or Micro USB cable with them if they have little other use for one. They would be able to use the same charging cable they have on them for their Apple device.

Powerbanks are used by lots of people because of the convenience if provides in being able to charge our precious smartphones when we must need it. I can relate it to similar to finding a restroom when we are so much pressed. Regardless of the convenience it brings, there are still some challenges when using a regular power bank with an iPhone.

What Is Special About An Apple-certified Power Bank?

Belkin obviously thought of this and decided to find a lasting solution, thus their new release – The Apple Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank is certified under Apple’s MFi licensing program, meets Apple’s standards for quality and compatibility, and is compatible with Apple’s Lightning Connector.

It measures about 6 inches long, around 2.75 inches wide, and a little under 0.75 inches thick. When compared to a plus sized iPhone, it was discovered to be slightly smaller but thicker and weighs 25% more than the said phone.

With a battery capacity of 10, 000 mAh (note that this capacity is not just the Marking Capacity but the Real Capacity), it can charge an iPhone X almost four times! Wow right?

Apple-certified power bank

Belkin’s The Apple-certified Power Bank includes two USB outputs to charge two devices at the same time, one at 2.4A for faster charging of iPhones and iPads and the other at 1A for slower charge.

Now, it’s not certain if this is available in Nigeria but the price of this gadget is approximately $60. That is about N21,000. Too Pricey? Yes. I am not sure there are a lot of people who would pay that much for a 10,000 mAh power bank, Apple-certified or not, Lightning connector cable or not.

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