Contrary to the disappointing reaction of most people when the iPhone 4S was announced, Apple has done it again. I am not surprised, however, considering

Apple declares iPhone 4S pre-orders best ever!

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Contrary to the disappointing reaction of most people when the iPhone 4S was announced, Apple has done it again. I am not surprised, however, considering the fact that most people reacted the same way when the iPad was announced, yet it is still the worldwide leader in tablet sales.

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 4S pre-orders topped 1 million units sold in the first 24 hours of availability. This instantly pushes the iPhone 4S to the number one spot as the most preordered phone in Apple’s history.

We are blown away with the incredible customer response to iPhone 4S. The first day preorders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do” – Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

I can’t wait to get my own iPhone 4S and give you an unbiased hands-on review. I hope Siri understands my Nigerian accent.

  1. Ayo,

    Just as I was thinking. I once tried Google’s voice search, but it would not understand my Nigerian accent. Will Siri be different?

  2. That announcement could be marketing strategy to push 4S adoption given the negative reaction to its launch both from Apple fans and the tech world in general. It may also be the truth after all what caused the negative reaction was the high expectation people had before the launch of the phone.

    Notwithstanding the general consensus that the features of the phone disappointmented based on expectations, similar features on any Nokia phone would have been praised to high heavens. Irrespective of the high quality of Apple phones, my believe is that their products are always overpriced coupled with the artificial restrictions imposed on such devices.

  3. Ayo, you had better start learning English accent or forget about Siri. Siri is designed for English language spoken with English accent not English spoken with Nigerian tongue. As you can see, language support is limited to tell you that Siri is still in trial phase so any badly spoken English is not going to the allowed.

  4. @Harry : Funny comment. 🙂 I hope it understands o! From what I understand, Siri understands you if you speak your natural accent but only supports 3 languages right now (English, French and German). It also learns so I hope someday I can use pidgin english to reply some of my peeps. Lol. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll definitely upload a video of siri in action. *fingers crossed*

  5. (
    I hope Siri understands my Nigerian accent.


    How can someone be eating Amalaand Fufu, and expect SIRI to understand his vocalizations?

    My advice: Hold your nostrils when training SIRI. that way, you gutturalize your voice and get taken SIRIously by SIRI !!!

  6. @Ayo

    Please don’t be carried away by the natural language marketing strategy. It does understand a couple of phrases and sentences but it is still very limited.

    And please don’t even think Siri will learn your Nigerian accent, it is the other way round. We will be waiting for your review here at MN.

  7. 1 Million preorders within 24hours? Lawd have mercy! Now, how verifiable is that claim?. Apple is NOT totally INCAPABLE of obfuscating and twisting facts to their favour.. Just wondering aloud o…

    Marketing sometimes thrives on subtle falsehoods and outright lies….

  8. @Harry: Well, i believe my delivery date is only a couple of weeks ahead. I will probably have to start speaking “Queen’s englosh” before then. Lol.

    @Eye.Bee.Kay: Don’t blame a man for loving his Amala. Thankfully, my vocal cords are still intact.

  9. @Eye.Bee.Kay: Well, only apple can verify their facts but considering that AT&T claimed they sold 200,000 units in 12 hours and Verizon and Sprint were sold out of the 16GB versions from the firstday, It becomes possible to believe.

  10. @Harry
    U seem so sure Siri won’t understand the Nigerian accent! Have u tried it before?

  11. Apple delivers another ”pow” to all the disappointed bloggers out there. Apple knows what people want and when to give it to them. a delicate art that most OEMs and OS developers don’t know jack about. It’s not about how many GHz, or ram, it’s about what I can do with it. And Apple knows how to educate people about it.. Kudos una too much

  12. @KinglyJulien

    I haven’t tried Siri, but from the little review based on the launch demo, it is not likely to out perform IBM’s ViaVoice or Dragon Naturally, speaking. There are well known desktop speech programs and I’ve used both and know how well they respond to Nigerian accent.

    In terms of mimicking human voice when reading, they are not far, but understanding you when you talk to them is entirely a different story.

    People that witnessed the launch demo confirmed that Siri voice output has a heavy machine accent. That’s something I can tell you that these other desktop counterparts does a whole lot better. In fact you might have a difficult time telling a recorded material read by Dragon naturally speaking from that of a human readout.

  13. Yes, Apple’s product cost a premium but I doubt the sales records were doctored. Even AT&T announced sales of 200,000 units in 12 hours.

    What this shows is that individuals would stick to the brand no matter what. And I dare suppose that Siri may have a hand in it too. I just hope that it would recognise nIgerian accent. Siri is not just a voice to text or voice to operate technology but actually an artificial intelligence! From the demonstrations, it could understand context in English grammar. And that’s something.

    If for nothing, Siri will make me purchase the iPhone 4s. And maybe, Steve Jobs death. This is last respect I could ever do to honour him. He dies, but he yet lives in all his creations. Especially the iPhone.

  14. @Afewgoodmen

    You’ve always liked Apple products but I’m almost certain you’ll be disappointed with Siri. Siri is nothing more than a speech application. Given, Apple has a track record with their products but speech application is more complex than what most of you will imagine. Again, this thing is designed for British and American English. Expecting it to adapt to Nigerian accent would amount to corruption of the base speech engine database and even that of the program that manages the database. iPhone 4S is a very good and solid option barring the artificial locks injected by Apple, so I’m sure that even if you are disappointed by Siri, you’ll still have a load of other goodies to keep you happy.

    Finally, if you are determined to get something out of Siri, the simple sacrifice to make is to begin to train yourself in oral English. Siri will not adapt to your English, you will rather adapt to its English.

    In a couple of weeks from now, Ayo will be reviewing iPhone 4S and Siri so that we can tell if Apple has performed any magic with Siri.

  15. I dont even like the name..siri ko, sorry ni…mtscheew..cant they give it a better name or What?

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