We found the following chart on Twitter. Have a look: Apple has lost the smartphone war. pic.twitter.com/La7AEzdkFM — PolicyMic (@PolicyMic) December 3, 2013 The caption

Apple has lost the smartphone war

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We found the following chart on Twitter. Have a look:

The caption says, “Apple has lost the smartphone war”. The chart is compiled from Gartner’s statistics and details the decline of Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian OS in terms of marketshare from 2009 till date. Only Android and Windows Phone are currently growing in marketshare.

  1. There is no version of this war that apple will come out untop with there current pricing system, as long as there are more OK people in the world than RICH people Apple cant win.
    And for windows phone growth, Android needs to watch its back cos unlike Iphones Windows phone can also fight the low end War. Peace Out

  2. I go with the fact that iOs couldn’t have gone far anymore, but, saying android should beware of windows? I don’t think so. Apart from Nokia, most other giants in mobile phones that are windows phone makers still have their root deep inside android; eg SAMSUNG and HTC.
    Considering Google products and services, its opennes and cost free, I’ll say “their rivals are not yet born”, just as “the beautiful ones are not yet born”

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