New Apple iOS 14 Leaks Suggest That We Could See Certain Exciting Features In Next iPhone

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Leaks concerning the Apple iOS 14 code have pointed to a number of important changes for the coming iPhone. Leaks from 9to5Mac and MacRumors suggest that we may see new apps for augmented reality, fitness and a new iPhone home screen.


With Apple’s next software update expected anytime from June, a number of recent leaks have given us an insight into what Apple has in the works.

Apple iPhone 11 pro

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The company’s next iPhone operating system, expected to be named the iOS 14 will bring a number of changes to the iPhone’s home screen. The new software may now allow users to view apps in a list format, and may also let users filter apps based on certain conditions.

Apple is rumoured to be planning a number of changes that will give users more options with wallpapers and third-party apps, according to reports from 9to5Mac and Bloomberg.

The leaked features also suggest that we may be seeing mouse support for the new iPhones and an option to set third-party apps as default, with a new fitness app and augmented reality app also rumoured to be in the works.

This fitness app from Apple is expected to work across the Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPhone and should provide users with guided workout routines through videos. The app is expected to be free and a number of names like “Fit” or “Fitness” have popped up as possible names for the app.


With this update set to come to users in the fall, it will be interesting to note how these changes will be received by iPhone owners and how helpful they would be in the long run.

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