Nokia took a jab at the iPhone 5c 8GB version announced today, comparing it to the Lumia 520, also an 8GB smartphone: Hey Apple: “Today

Apple iPhone 5c 8GB versus Nokia Lumia 520

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Nokia took a jab at the iPhone 5c 8GB version announced today, comparing it to the Lumia 520, also an 8GB smartphone:

The joke is that while the 5c 8GB costs around whopping €530 (N121,000), the Lumia 520 costs less than €100 (it costs N19,999 here now). That is a difference in cost of €430 (N98,000) or more. Here in Nigeria, we say that the difference is clear. Both devices were launched last year (the 5c 8GB is just a version of the 5c), and both are dual-core processor devices.


If you had a choice between just these two smartphones, the iPhone 5c 8GB and the Lumia 520, which would you buy?


  1. I don’t think I’ll ever buy any apple device. If I ever get one, it will be a sidekick, just there for show. Can never be my main device, ever!

  2. There are other specs beyond and above the 8G memory that makes the iPhone a better phone.

  3. No, I won’t buy any of the two.

    The cheaper one is low value for money, the other, no value for too much money.

    there are several Android apps I would buy instead., that would give me awesome value,rather than the iPhone.

    Here are some…

  4. an iPhone with 8 GB memory is a joke, it makes no sense even for Apple fan boys (or girls). this 8 GB iPhone 5C is the silliest idea from Cupertino in a long time. it’s basically a knock off of a knock off (iPhone 5C) of an iPhone 5(S) that leaves you with 8 GB memory with no expandable memory (unless you want to invest in one of those cases that add external storage and/or batteries). with the steady increase in the size of apps and their data caches and smartphone media libraries, this is totally unacceptable. and iCloud is not really a viable option in these parts (data service quality & costs). furthermore Apple’s price regimen means this phone cost slightly less, about the same or more than other flagship devices like Samsung GS IV & Note III, hTC One, Nokia 925, SONY Z1, LG G2 and way more than higher midrange devices like Google Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X, SONY Z/ZR. which all offer more storage and are (IMHO) better devices

    the 8 GB iPhone 5C won’t cost 120, 000, the 16 GB iPhone 5c retails for less than 100,000

  5. Lord have mercy. Why in God’s holy name would anyone buy an 8GB iPhone for that price?

  6. Who in their right mind would buy an 8GB iPhone 5c at that price? : I’d rather go for a Lumia 520, it’s a decent phone, not top notch but it’s something i’d gladly use than waste good cash on the 5c.

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