Advertisement The iPhone 6 got announced today. Finally, Apple fans know what exactly to expect. As I went through the features of the device, it occured to…

Apple iPhone 6 versus Nokia Lumia 930

iPhone 6


The iPhone 6 got announced today. Finally, Apple fans know what exactly to expect. As I went through the features of the device, it occured to me that Apple really has fallen behind Android OS in almost everyway and is now trying to catch up (and trailing behind badly). Since I am currently using the Windows Phone Lumia 930 flagship, I couldn’t help but compare the iPhone 6 with that too. Not surprisingly, the iPhone trailed behind significantly too.

Here is a comparison table I drew up:


Apple iPhone 6 Nokia Lumia 930
Dimensions 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm 137 x 71 x 9.8 mm
Weight 129g 167g
Display 4.7 inches at 750 x 1334 pixels (326 PPI pixel density). Shatter proof glass. Oleophobic coating. Curved around the edges. Fingerprint sensor. 5.0 inches at 1080 x 1920 pixels (441 PPI pixel density). Super sensitive touch (can be operated with keys, pen, stylus, gloved fingers, etc). Corning Gorilla Glass 3. ClearBlack display. Curved around the edges
Main Camera 8 MP, dual-LED (dual tone) flash, autofocus, image stabilization, panorama 20 megapixels, PureView, Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flash, 2x Lossless digital zoom, optical image stabilization, auto/manual focus, panorama
Front-facing Camera 1.2 MP, 720p, burst, HDR 1.2 MP, 720p
Storage 16/64/128 GB internal storage. No MicroSD slot 32 GB internal storage. No MicroSD slot
File Sharing Social. Limited USB. Limited Bluetooth. Social. Full USB. Full Bluetooth.
Battery 1810 mAh 2420 mAh

The Lumia 930 has the better display, the better and more comprehensive camera, and wider file transfer/sharing options. iPhone 6 doesn’t bring much to the table. Against Windows Phone’s flagship, it loses out. I shall follow up with a face-off against the HTC One M8, but I am sure that you can tell already how the story will go.

However, no matter how badly comparisons against the competition goes, the iPhone 6 will sell. Apple has its cult-like following to thank for that.


PS: Am I the only one who thinks that Apple copied some design lines from the rear and sides of the Lumia 925?
Nokia Lumia 925

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  1. 32gb was skipped? Considering the price that would likely be attached to this, would have preferred that as the base model instead.
    I don’t quite see any design similarity to the L930. Someone on AC dubbed the devices (Iphone 6 and 6plus) as the unfortunate product of a one night stand btw Note 4 and HTC One M8. *chuckles*

    I don’t care much for the devices but I’m mighty glad that the size proved the Apple (Steve Jobs??) philosophy wrong.

    PS my favest Lumia is the 830. Wonder why Lumias are designed to be as thick as Moverick’s waistline

  2. The Apple Announcement Was Quite Anticlimactic.

    Even The Apple Stock Performance After The Event… Reflected That.

    Expect Less, Pay More?


    Should We Really Be Comparing Apples To Oranges?

    Comparing Devices On Different Platforms Could Be Like Comparing State Governors.

    They Don’t Have (Access To) The Same Resources, Neither Are They Working Under The Same Conditions…

    Things Like Battery Size, Camera Pixel Count, Ram May Not Really Lend Themselves To Direct Comparison

  3. It’s obvious this reviewer isn’t an iPhone user like he rightly mentioned. Yes iphone 6 doesn’t bring anything to the spec table. Unfortunately this isn’t about communal living, it’s a party, and Apple seems to be throwing it. Non iPhone users just don’t understand and probably won’t get it.
    While other OEMs pile up large specs in their résumés, the phone that doesn’t ‘bring anything to the table’ gets the hype.
    And no, it doesn’t look like the Lumia, sometimes we see what we want to see.

  4. Weary of all the iPhone hype. Nokia 930 running Windows is a mature, brilliant, smooth and beautiful piece of kit. The OS is simply outstanding. I like using it, it is a phone/OS for grown-ups.

  5. “Non iPhone users just don’t understand and probably won’t get it”

    Hmm, you have certainly bought it!

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