Apple remains boss of smartphone sales worldwide

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Apple has once again smashed records through sales of the Apple iPhone. Before now, the past three quarters produced a decline in sales. With analysts predicting a similar trend to follow suit, the tables turned. For first quarter 2017, ending December 31, 2016, the company posted an all-time record quarterly revenue of $78.4 billion. This is compared to a revenue of $75.9 billion same time last year.

A record-breaking 78.3 million units of the Apple iPhone were sold during the holiday quarter (that is from October to December). This number surpasses last year’s sale of 74.8 million units.  On top of that, the average selling price (AVP) of the Apple iPhone rose from $691 to $694.57. This was mostly spurred by the rush for the bigger (more expensive) iPhone 7 Plus.  In the same period, iPad sales declined from 16.12 million units sold, to 13 million units this year.

Apple Services department is not doing badly either (comprises of App Store revenue, Apple Pay and iCloud). Apple CEO,  Tim Cook announced that the App Store now has 2.2 million apps. He also mentioned that App Store revenue is double of what Google Play Store makes. It clear to see that despite the more apps and more users on Google Play Store, Android users don’t pay for apps as much as Apple users.


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