Apple iPhone History and Evolution

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iPhone X marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. For a lot of people in the US, it is almost hard to remember life before the introduction of the first iPhone ten years ago. Here is a walk through ten years of Apple iPhone history and evolution.

Apple iPhone History

Apple iPhone History

In January 2007, most of the bestselling smartphones and feature phones around the world were made by Nokia. Nokia smartphones had great cameras, email, web and messaging. The feature phones offered calling, texting and snake game. There was not much else. The most popular smartphone in the US market was Blackberry Pearl.

Motorola made some interesting smartphones too. One of them was the Motorola Rokr. However, that did not do so great. Smartphones were novelties at that time. They had physical keyboards for people who email a lot. Then on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs got up on stage and blew it all up. “A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone,and a breakthrough internet communication device,” said Steve Jobs.

The first iPhone launched in June 2007 with a frenzy. Apple sold 270,000 units in just two days and a million in the course of whole summer. This was despite some severe problems of activation of the phone on AT&T, the iPhone carrier. It was clear to most of the people that the iPhone was going to be big.

The second model, iPhone 3G, was a very important model. The price range was quite reasonable. Also, it came with GPS, 3G data and other features that its predecessor lacked to bring the iPhone up to speed with mobile technology of the time. It became much more than the three things Steve Job had mentioned in 2007.

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The iPhone became more than a feature phone, because that was what the original iPhone was like. It was a 2G phone and no support for apps. From the iPhone 3G (and 3GS), the iPhone became a computer in your pocket. And from that point, Apple kept refining it, making it faster, adding video recording, as well as copy and paste.

Apple iPhone Evotlution

Apple iPhone Evolution

In 2010, iPhone 4 was released. It came in gorgeous stainless-steel body with a front-facing selfie camera. In 2012, Apple redesigned the whole thing altogether and came up with the iPhone 5. This was when it changed the iPod headphones and introduced the charging cable.

The market was adapting to this new crazy world of iPhone by this time. The iPhone 6 model was next in line and it was followed by others, year after year.

Apple kept on polishing and perfecting the iPhone, and kept investing in innovation. Today, the company makes its own chips, does its machine learning, builds its hardware and software, runs its own cloud services. Apple has a firm grip on the entire ecosystem, from end to end.

The most recent model, the iPhone X, that has grabbed the attention of its customers with modern design and features. Sadly, it hasn’t met sales projections, but it has put more money in Apple’s pockets more than all other models before it have. The X is the pinnacle of of the Apple iPhone history and evolution. We can only imagine what the future will bring.

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