“Apple is number one global brand in the world”, says Interbrand

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A well known brand consultancy firm Interbrand has just released it’s list of top 100 global brands in the world for 2014 and the California based company Apple tops the list with a financial value worth $118.9 billion.

The list which is topped by mostly tech companies has a total of 13 tech based companies on the list. Google is just behind Apple in second place with a financial value of $107 billion while IBM, Microsoft and, Samsung ranked fourth, fifth and seventh respectively to round up the top five tech companies making the top ten.

This is the second consecutive time Apple is toping the list as they knocked off Coca-Cola who finished third after years of topping the list. The list also includes global brands in entertainment such as MTV, Disney, designer companies such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, automotive companies such as Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and a lot more just to mention a few.

Interbrand uses three major criteria in weighing the value of a company , which are :

  • The performance of the company’s product and services,
  • Influence on customer choice and,
  • The ability the brand has to command a premium price on it’s products and lock down earnings.

If you doubt their methods, the firm brags it’s the first to be certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This just goes to show how profitable the tech sector is, beating well known giant entertainment and automotive brands.




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