Apple loses mobile web traffic; Samsung, Huawei grow

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According to the newly released Mobile Web Intelligence Report, published by device intelligence provider DeviceAtlas, in Q2 2016, Apple is losing mobile web traffic share while Samsung and Huawei are growing rapidly.

Mobile Web Traffic Intelligence Report

For the purpose of this analysis, DeviceAtlas selected 20 large local markets from every continent.

Global Mobile Web Traffic Trends Globally

Key highlights of global mobile web traffic from the report include:

  1. Between Q215 and Q216 Apple lost in 18 out of 20 countries, while Samsung and Huawei grew. These Apple loses included in USA, Germany, and UK
  2. Countries where Apple is the most popular with a share of around 50-60%, include Australia, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, and USA.
  3. Apple’s weakest territories were: Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Poland and South Africa.
  4. Samsung lost mobile web traffic only in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
  5. LG is most used in Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Interestingly, the Korean manufacturer has a relatively large share in the USA at over 6%.
  6. While according to Gartner Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are now the third, fourth and fifth largest manufacturers, their web traffic shares are not yet as visible as Apple, Samsung or even LG. This is due to the fact that the other manufacturers have a larger installed base, even though they may not sell as many new phones.
  7. 5.7-inch phones generate the lowest share of traffic in all countries compared to other popular screen sizes we analysed.
  8. It seems that 5 – 5.2-inch has been established as the standard screen size for high-end devices in the Android world
  9. 50-80% of web traffic is generated by VoLTE and LTE-A phones
  10. Emerging markets get much less pixel per inch (PPI) than developed countries

Mobile Web Traffic Trends in Nigeria

  • There was no change in Apple’s mobile web traffic in Nigeria for the specified period, while Samsung’s web traffic share in the country grew by about 4%.
  • Samsung has about 30% of mobile web traffic in Nigeria and grew about 4% year-on-year.
  • Apple has about 15% of mobile web traffic in Nigeria
  • LG has about 1% mobile web traffic in Nigeria.
  • In Nigeria, 5-5.2 inch screens have 30% of web traffic, while 5.7-inch had around 7%.
  • 59.3% of mobile web traffic in Nigeria was from LTE smartphones
  • Most popular web browsing phones in Nigeria for the period were: 1. Apple iPhone 6/6S, 2. BlackBerry Q10, 3. Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE, 4. BlackBerry Z10, and 5. Infinix Hot Note.

DeviceAtlas stats are based on web traffic to a global network of partner websites using DeviceAtlas device detection platform.

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  1. Apple’s loosing mobile web traffic isn’t a good news for the brand at all, the Apple management had better retraced their steps before it will be too late for them to salvage this recent development.

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