Apple plans to launch their own mobile virtual network service

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Apple are reportedly making plans to launch their own mobile virtual network service. According to Business Insider, they are currently undergoing talks and the service might rolled out both in U.S and Europe.

A mobile virtual network service is a technology whereby a company purchases space from established carriers and sells its services directly to customers.

This means Apple will provide talk time, text and data services to users and the users pay them instead of the carriers. This will work through a special SIM that will be inside the Apple device. This special SIM is said to be able to switch between networks depending on their signal strength.

There’s no timeline for when this service will be launched, though it’s good to note that Google has a similar service running, and it’s called Project Fi – restricted to Nexus 6 users. Meanwhile, Apple has been exploring possibilities of having their own SIM since last year. Even partnering with Samsung to make the E-SIM.




  1. I wonder which version Apple device will be the first to be released with the likes of this/the E-Sim?

  2. well there are iPads with the Apple sim, pretty sure those can switch to the Apple carrier

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