Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 software update

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Yeaterday, Apple released the public version of the software fix for the battery issues experienced by many users who upgraded to iOS 5. The software update marks a new era in Apple updates as it can be done entirely over-the-air. This means you don’t need to connect your phone to iTunes to perform the update. Just go to the Settings app, tap ‘General’ and then Software Update. Doing it over the air consumes roughly between 39mb to 55 mb depending on your device while connecting to itunes will consume a whooping 790mb.

Apple claims iOS 5.0.1 fixes the battery drain, as well as some other bugs including the security vulnerability exposed by a hacker a few days ago.

It’s too soon to tell whether this update works but I’m upgrading my 4S right away. I’ll test it in the ‘real world’ and let you know if it’s a worthy upgrade.

As always, jailbreakers have been advised to stay away from the software update until further notice as it trashes your jailbreak.


  1. Just upgraded my iPad to iOS 5.0.1. It took less than 5 minutes for the whole thing from downloading to complete installation OTA.

    Funny thing, I have no multitouch gesture as promised for iPad. Or could it be that I am too daft to know multitouch when I see it?

    Since upgrade, I have not noticed any obvious difference between this iOS version and the previous iOS 5. Most likely differences are all under the hood.

  2. @Ayo,
    Please could you give me a link where i can download the new ipsw for ios 5.0.1. My iPhone is in pwnDFU mode at the moment having used snowbreeze to get it there in the bid to upgrade to ios 5 using custom ipsw which i made already but which was rejected at verification with error 3014. I suspect apple has stopped upgrade to the version 5.0 already.

  3. The 5.0.1 update does work. I’ve been on 3G since 6 am and my battery is still doing pretty without a recharge. Now we wait for SIRI to be updated

  4. @Ayo,

    I’ll download the ipsw from the link you give. Looks like a begin again situation. Hope it works this time.

    And thanks for showing me the obvious. Multitouch is now up and running. (still kicking my butts for missing the obvious).?

  5. Ayo >>….

    The 5.0.1 update does work. I’ve been on 3G since 6 am and my batteryis still doing pretty without a recharge.

    Lucjy man!

    Seems others are still having problems o!


    ‘It’s worth mentioning that many users don’t report having any problems at all’

    ‘Apple has briefly acknowledged the gripes, saying that, while iOS 5.0.1 addressed many of the battery issues that some customers ran into they are continuing to investigate a few remaining issues.’


  6. @Ayo,

    Seems the latest snowbreeze version can’t handle the iOS 5.0.1. It could not create a custom ipsw from it. I tried it and it didn’t work. I guess am stuck with using gevey on my iOS 4.3.5 iPhone for now.

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