Okay, it hasn’t happened yet, but if the feature list of the new iPhone OS 3.0 is anything to go by, things don’t look too

Apple takes a Bite out of Nokia/Symbian with iPhone 3.0

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appleOkay, it hasn’t happened yet, but if the feature list of the new iPhone OS 3.0 is anything to go by, things don’t look too good for Nokia/Symbian.

The newly announced iPhone firmware (version 3.0) has a list of – wait for it – 100 new features. Many of those features are things that smartphone power users had lamented were absent on the iPhone and thus kept them away from the allure of the apple (pun intended).

Now, with things like system-wide cut-and-paste, SMS forwarding, MMS, Stereo A2DP Bluetooth streaming, System-wide landscape keyboard, WiFi auto-login for hotspots, live video and audio streaming, tethering, and voice recording, now available on the iPhone OS, the picture has suddenly changed.

iphoneThe iPhone has gone from an expensive toy to a very functional, expensive tool – and Nokia/Symbian needs to watch it. Why?

Here’s Why

That stunning, user-friendly interface on the iPhone still has no competitor. Forget s60 5th edition Touch. Forget TouchWiz, and all the other slap-on layers individual manufacturers have come up with.

iPhone 3.0 screams a balance in uber-cool and functionality.

I have used Symbian devices most of my smartphone history, but consider for example that Nokia/Symbian is yet to implement cut-and-paste in the built-in web browser (which is insane; the elder statesman Nokia 9500 had this simple feature), and now the iPhone has beaten s60 to it – plus that user interface, and I won’t be surprised to see many erstwhile Symbian users take a bite of the apple. No kidding.

Will I be picking an iPhone? I don’t know. I am a physical QWERTY keyboard person. No; those on-screen QWERTY keyboards just don’t offer the same ease of use as their hardware counterparts.

If Apple releases a QWERTY version of the iPhone running v3.0 tomorrow, I have no doubts that I will pick one up. Till then…

Heads-up from: GSMarena.com

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  1. Well you’re right, apple iphone truelly rocks i have one too but i still prefer my Nokia Symbian N96 to my iphone, though the N96 has got a poor battery life (firmware upgrade fixed it for me) but its still my favourite. Iphone too is great, but the camera is not too good.

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