Apple set to unveil some futuristic technology on the iPhone 8

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If you watch science fiction movies, you might have come across transparent smartphones. In fact, you might have seen more than that. Darn, some companies have planned to make those already in the future. However, these plans are just that: plans. No one has perfected see-through displays. One key component of these futuristic devices is that they have no visible buttons anywhere on the screen; what use would a see-through display be if there’s some weird button blocking the view? Well, Apple has come one step closer to that; the iPhone 8 will have no buttons. Surprise! Oh, hang on, that’s just a rumor.

futuristic Iphone 8

Among other things, the iPhone 8 might come without the home button. This means that it will have a complete full-screen display. What, then, will the bottom of the screen contain? According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, this area will be a “function area”. This function area will have virtual, on-screen buttons, which will be “always-on”.

That’s basically all we know about this function area, but that’s big enough news. Further speculation tells us that the always-on display will have static system controls; also, the user will be able to switch from static display to active display while watching videos or playing games. But then, speculations, speculations. . .

There’s more, however. Remember when I talked about “complete full-screen” earlier? I meant that literally; there will be no top and bottom bezels! That’s some futuristic stuff right there, folks. Do you want more futuristic rumors? Here you go: the iPhone 8 will have an in-built fingerprint reader in its screen. At this point, I’m basically screaming at Apple “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” .

Well, Apple has always been good at taking out money; they patented a new way to do that in 2014, when acquired the patent rights of an “interactive display panel with IR diodes”. That’s a fancy way to say “on-screen fingerprint reader”, and Apple owns the patent. Man, the iPhone 8 is going to be a futuristic monster, whether these rumors are true or not. Apple, just take our money.

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  1. Is a smartphone supposed to be an ornament or a tool?

    Nonsense iSheep **walks away with smoke coming out of ears***

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