The Apple Vision Pro Feels And Looks Like Magic

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that combines virtual and augmented reality. It has a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, a versatile camera system, and a unique digital crown. I am going to be sharing some interesting facts, as well as some of my thoughts, about it.

This is a device that you wear on your head, like a pair of glasses. It lets you see and interact with digital things in the real world, like movies, games, photos, and apps. You can control it with your eyes, hands, and voice. It also has a camera that can take 3D pictures and videos, and a sound system that makes you feel like you are there. It is like having a big screen TV, a computer, and a camera in one device.

Apple Vision Pro

Specs & features

Here are some of the main specs and features of the Apple Vision Pro:

Display: The Vision Pro has a curved laminated glass display on the front, which shows your eyes to other people. It also has two micro-OLED panels inside, which provide a total of 23 million pixels, higher than 4K resolution for each eye. The display supports HDR and adaptive refresh rates up to 100 Hz.

Processor: The Vision Pro is powered by the Apple M2 chipset, which is based on a 5 nm process and has an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine. The Apple M2 delivers up to 30% faster performance and 40% lower power consumption than the Apple M1.

Camera: The Vision Pro has a total of 12 cameras, including two 6.5 megapixel color cameras, six tracking cameras, four eye-tracking cameras, and a TrueDepth camera. The cameras enable spatial photo and video capture, 3D scanning, face and body tracking, and Optic ID, which is an iris-based biometric authentication system. Spatial photo and video allows users to capture and view images and videos in three dimensions, providing a more immersive viewing experience.

Digital Crown: The Vision Pro has a digital crown on the right side, which is a rotating and clickable knob that can be used to adjust the volume, brightness, focus, and immersion level. The digital crown also acts as a home button and a Siri button.

Spatial Audio: The Apple Vision Pro has spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, which creates a realistic and immersive sound field. It also has a six-mic array with directional beamforming, which enables clear voice communication and noise cancellation. The Apple Vision Pro supports wireless connection to AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case (USB-C).

What is Spatial Audio? Spatial audio is an audio experience intended to heighten immersion by simulating a surround-sound setup. It can make it feel like sound is coming from all around you, across 360 degrees. Apple’s implementation of spatial audio uses built-in gyroscopes to track your head and adjust the audio experience accordingly.

Battery: The Apple Vision Pro has a tethered external battery, which can be clipped to your belt or pocket. The battery can provide up to 2 hours of general use or 2.5 hours of video watching. The battery supports 80W SUPERVOOC charging, which can fully charge the battery in just 26 minutes.

Operating System: The Apple Vision Pro runs on visionOS, which is a new operating system designed for mixed reality. visionOS supports a variety of apps and features, such as App Store, Safari, Mail, Music, Photos, TV, Encounter Dinosaurs, Freeform, Keynote, Mindfulness, and more. visionOS also supports voice, eye, and hand input, as well as keyboards, trackpads, and game controllers.

Compatibility: The Apple Vision Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and other Apple devices.

Apple Vision Pro VisionOS

How It Works

The Apple Vision Pro lets you walk around, run, jump, sit down, get in bed with it on. It is the height of hands-free digital experience. It lets you experience digital services while carrying out your regular day-to-day activities. You can read text, view videos and photos, play games, as well as draw and design, using the Vision Pro.

And it does so by blurring the line between what is virtual and what is physically real. The Vision Pro is so cool that it might as well be considered magic. It is a fascinating new way to experience a blend of the digital and the natural worlds together.

While the headset is quite big now, being the first attempt, we can expect that it will get smaller and fitter over time, perhaps eventually becoming no bigger than the average spectacles that we wear today.

All the technical jargon aside, the one great advantage of the Apple Vision Pro, apart from the ability to use it hands-free, is that it provides complete privacy from other humans. For the first time, you can explore the digital world without prying eyes around taking a peek at what you are doing. There is no external screen like what obtains with smartphones. All your viewing activities take lace via the internal display. You can watch your movie, read your mails and messages, view your photos, etc, and even when standing in a crowd of 20,000 people, no-one apart from you can see what you are viewing.


The price of Vision Pro ranges from $3500 to $3900, depending on the storage capacity. It comes in three storage versions – 256GB costing $3499, 512GB costing $3699, and 1TB costing $3899.

List Of Apple Vision Pro Apps

There are more than 600 new spatial apps and games designed to take advantage of the unique and powerful capabilities of Apple Vision Pro. Some examples of these apps are:

  • PGA TOUR Vision: A golf app that uses real-time shot tracking layered on top of 3D models of real golf courses alongside key stats.
  • NBA: A basketball app that lets you stream up to five broadcasts live or on demand with Multiview, keep an eye on real-time player and team stats, and effortlessly glance at other games and scores.
  • Minecraft Earth: A sandbox game that lets you build, explore, and survive in the real world with augmented reality.
  • Encounter Dinosaurs: An educational app that lets you interact with realistic and lifelike dinosaurs in your space.
  • Freeform: A creative app that lets you draw, sculpt, and paint in 3D with your hands and voice.
  • Keynote: A presentation app that lets you create and deliver stunning slideshows with animations, transitions, and effects.
  • Mindfulness: A wellness app that helps you relax, meditate, and focus with guided sessions and ambient sounds.

More apps are expected to come on stream in the months ahead. Even Google, who initially said that they had no plans for a YouTube app for VisionOS, have backtracked and announced that one is on the way.

A good way to get a better idea of how the Vision Pro works is to watch this guided tour video.

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