Apple will never use the Beta tag on their products [Updated]

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Apple Maps beta
In his article, iOS Maps will be great for Apple (and Android users too), Michael H. submits the following:

Even so, Apple’s biggest mistake was one on which Google has always erred on the opposite side: using the Beta tag. Apple is not a company that is known to release beta software. More often, it is known to be a company that holds software a bit too long. But, if Apple could have learned anything from last year’s Siri launch, it’s that sometimes the Beta tag is your best friend, because not all products can be launched fully mature.

It is a detailed article and you should hit the link above and go read it too.

I agree that Apple should have presented the buggy and immature Apple Maps that is bundled on iPhone 5 as a beta product. Everybody else does it. But Apple won’t. The reality distortion field has no room for beta tags. In simple English, a superlative is an exaggerated mode of expression (usually of praise). Apple is incapable of presenting any of their products, regardless of how terrible it is, with such superlatives as: amazing, wonderful, revolutionary, and magical.

What Apple Maps Is All About
One word: control. Break down that word anyhow you like, but like all things Apple, it is about control. Michael hit this nail in his article. Apple wants control of user data, and it is only by throwing out Google Maps and running theirs that it could happen. Not that I have any problem with that.

Apple And Beta?
But this planet will probably have to fight a fourth World War before Apple Incorporated ever sticks a “Beta” tag on any product of theirs.

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Update (30th September, 2012)

I’ve just been told by PhoneBoy that Sir, an Apple product, did wear the ‘beta” tag. Awwww, shucks! Here it is:
Siri Beta

This article just became redundant. I retract.


  1. Their device, they can do what they like. It beats the perennial beta tag that Google likes to stick on some of their products for way too long.

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