Apple’s Next iPhone May Feature Awesome 3D-Sensing Camera

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Despite the ravaging effects of the coronavirus on the demand for Apple products, reports from a number of sources say that Apple is looking to improve the camera features of its next iPhone. These reports claim that a 3D depth sensing lens may be incorporated into the back of the new iPhone.


This new sensor will enable improved augmented reality performance, while also ensuring that users get better video effects and photo effects.

Apple iPhone 11 pro

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The camera unit will use a laser sensor in the same way as the iPhone’s front-facing camera array to scan the objects in front of it. This technology from Apple will be welcome by users, with a number of other high-end devices like the Samsung S20 Ultra already incorporating depth sensors into their rear cameras.

With augmented reality more commonly seen in front-facing cameras due to the constant need to take selfies, it will be interesting to note how Apple will implement this technology in one of its new devices.

Sources from Fast Company say that we should expect this technology in one of the new iPhones to hit the market later this year.

It is great to see Apple still catering to the needs of their users with new operating systems and improved hardware capabilities despite reduced demand in recent weeks owing to the coronavirus epidemic.




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