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Running a WordPress hosted blog via a mobile device has never been easier. If you use any of the smartphone platforms, there is a WordPress app that gives you convenient access to get your blogging done from where we you are. These apps let you write, save drafts, publish, add images, moderate comments and much more.

On each of the following platforms, your best bet is the official WordPress app:

– Android
– BlackBerry
– Windows Phone
– iOS

The apps for the above platforms are the most comprehensive and most feature-packed. They may differ in various ways, but they are all packed enough to give you the functionality that you need to manage your self-hosted blog on your smartphones.

The WordPress for WebOS app is quite outdated and messes up your post structure a bit. Of course, I doubt that there are many people out there still using WebOS.

Nokia Belle OS
Belle does not have an official WordPress app, but there is a third party app that attempts to fill the gap. CutePress for Symbian/Belle let’s you execute the key blogging tasks like publish new posts, manage and edit posts and pages, as well as moderate comments. Comments cannot be edited.

The problem with CutePress is that every week or so, it seems to lose the connection settings to your self-hosted blog and you have to set it up again from scratch. In addition, it isn’t as robust and user-friendly as the official app. This makes Belle OS the weakest option for you if you’re considering blogging via mobile.

It is good though to see that the guys behind WordPress really understand the place of mobile in today’s world and are supporting all modern smartphone platforms.

If you blog, do you do so from mobile at all and is it via any of the above apps? Do share your thoughts.

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