Every person who owns a smartphone has used a mobile app. This means that all of us have had these apps that request for access


Lots of apps could be leaking your personal information

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Every person who owns a smartphone has used a mobile app. This means that all of us have had these apps that request for access to our personal information. The apps always tell us that they will always keep our personal information private. However, recent reports have revealed that some of these applications could be leaking your private information.


Michael Covington, a vice president of product for mobile security company Wandera, said on the subject:

“There are so many very popular, recognizable brands out there producing apps and websites that are leaking personally identifiable information”.

Bear in mind that over 10 million apps get downloaded every hour, and the scale of this breach of privacy becomes staggering.


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According to Michael Covington, 60 percent of these leaks of personal information come from news, sports and shopping apps. A further 30 percent comes from travel, entertainment, lifestyle and technology apps and mobile apps. And of course, if you use apps that provide adult content, the risk of leaking your personal data increases.


This does not mean that the app developers intentionally private info. Sometimes, the leaks occur simply due to a fault in the code. Also, according to Covington, sometimes the app developers rush to release the apps to the market, and thus issues like security and privacy may not get as much attention as they should get. Furthermore, cybercriminals have become more creative in fishing for our info. They set up fake WiFi hotspots; when you connect to these hotspots, they monitor whatever you do.

However, you can still protect your personal information from leaks while using mobile apps. You could review the kind of information being requested, according to Covington. For example, if a company provides free news has no business asking for your date of birth. Also, do not be the first person to download the app. Wait for reviews. Also, you could download security apps for your phone; these will scan the device and remove third-party malware. Treat public WiFi hotspots with extreme caution too. Furthermore, you can use a VPN.

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