Apps Update Notifications, Other Enhancements, coming to Ovi Store

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The soon to be renamed Ovi Store will be getting a bump to version 2.8 from next week. This new version delivers a number of enhancements, including:

App Updates

After a user launches the Store and signs in, the store client automatically checks to see if there are updates available for apps installed on the device. If there is an update, a green flag is displayed at a corner by the ‘Account’ tab.

Top Free and Best Sellers
topfree bestsellercombo
A new feature that displays the top free apps and best selling apps is also coming with the new Store.

The algorithm for these has been tweaked such that it displays what is ‘Top’ and ‘Best’ according to device. As such, N8 users will get a top free list according to top free downloads by N8 users in general. An E72 user will get a different Top Free list.

Related Items
The web/desktop version of the Store also comes with a related items feature, so its easier to find apps similar to those you are interested in.

Arabic Localisation
For users who set their devices to Arabic, this implementation will also function in the store.


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