Are Abuja residents trying to send Uber back to Lagos?

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Cab ride service, Uber, has launched its service in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, but it does not sound like it is to a hail of cheers.

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All across social media have been complaints about the tariffs being exorbitant. One user pointed out how a distance that Uber is charging N5,000 for costs N2,500 if taking a regular city cab. And there are similar grumblings from various quarters.

The question is how Uber will conquer a city where a regular taxi ride can be obtained for as low as N300 for short distances. For the moment, the jury is out. Is Uber ready for Abuja? Time will tell.


  1. Ultra high pricing has not really put Apple out of business (yet). If Apple can hey away with shylocking, why not Über?

  2. If Apple were a Nigerian company, it would not have been so successful…
    Uber cannot do this in Nigerian were cost is more important than quality…

  3. Maybe Uber didn’t do their research well before setting up shop in Abuja. It’s more a case of “Does Abuja need Uber?”

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