Are Globacom and GTBank at loggerheads over 737?

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GTBank’s One Click Airtime Top-up is arguably the best thing that ever happened to customers of the bank in need of quick airtime purchase. To top-up one’s mobile line or send family and friend airtime, you only need to dial *737*amount# on your phone to top-up your line and your bank account is debited for the purchase. It is oh, so convenient.


I woke this morning to find that I was almost out of airtime and casually proceeded to use the service, knowing that I had at least enough in my bank account to cover the cost of airtime that I required (PS: I know that sounds like I am a citizen of #MekunuTwitter, but..hey).

Anyway, this was the response that I got:
737 disabled on Glo

Yes; the GTBank 737 service has been disabled on the Glo network until further notice. Sigh.

If you have never used the service or a similar one before, you can’t understand how it feels now to be stripped of it. To get airtime now, I have to log in to the mobile banking app or the internet banking portal, go through menu after menu – and then my token must be available for us or no show. This sucks. It sucks badly.

I wonder which party dropped the ball and wrecked the relationship between GTBank 737 and Globacom – the orange box or the lemon green ball? Or was Glo reacting to something our reader said in the comments here? LOL.



  1. Mr Mobility, please stop this joke. Big boys don’t do prepaid. Postpaid is the route for you. Please don’t settle for less!

    Besides, shouldn’t you have complimentary lines from all the networks, that never run dry?

  2. And when network is messing up or you needed the credit itself to sub then you would realize quickteller is useless.

  3. GTBank one click recharge is perhaps the worst security gaffe in modern banking. Stats shows that about 45% of customers have lost the registered number on their account. Now most of the numbers have be recycled and re-sold to new subscriber. And the service has no form of verification or security check, imagine what would happen when you number gets to another hand?

  4. Mr statistics, where did you get your data from???
    As a customer, shouldn’t you have an updated profile with your financial institution? If your line is stolen, get to your bank ASAP and delete it, replace it or get to your network provider and block it. Make sure your financial institution has a reliable number you can be reached on.

    I dont understand why businesses try to please customers and yet no matter what they do or how they try, you customers are never satisfied.

    People like Mr Mo understand the burden this service is taking off GTBANK customers every blessed day. I was on the phone 15 minutes ago and I had just 26 naira left. This 737 saved my butt from going to the street to get credit. Person I was calling simply thought it was network glitch cos I loaded and called back within 45 seconds, yes 45 seconds!

    So please, Get with the program and stop quoting non-existing statistics.
    BTW I hope you have done your BVN registration?

  5. Mr. Mb, Dialing *737*amount# and money is deducted from account without any security check is lame. Nobody disputes its convenience, that it saved your ass can’t makeup for a thousand it has ripped off. At least a pin or account verification would have served a good security check. Even tranfering credit from your line to another requires a check, how much more from the bulk of your savings.

  6. I am still trying to really understand what you are saying.

    Initially you mentioned losing your registered number and it gets recycled, then go to your Bank and update your details. It’s not just about the airtime recharge, you also run the risk of transaction details being sent to your recycled line. So that’s not gtbank issue, it’s customer negligence.

    Then you talked about someone dialing *737# from your mobile. Well it is your mobile and it will only recharge the particular line if and only if the line is the one registered to your Bank account. So why would someone recharge your personal line on your phone? To what end? To make calls with your phone number? To recharge a third party line, one would need access to your ATM card number, which again is supposed to be private to you so we’re still talking about negligence.

    I have been using this service since inception and it’s the best thing since ijebu garri/groundnut/ice cold water

  7. You leave him, let him be complaining of security check. Is it not your number? Is it not a mobile phone? Why must you lose track of your mobile phone and not take necessary steps at rectifying the issue? That’s your own negligence, not your bank’s. It’s people like you that will tell friends and/or neighbours your atm pin to withdraw for you that you are very busy then go to the bank three weeks later to complain of unauthorised withdrawals on your account. Then they will ask you where your card is, you will say ”in the car” or ” I cant find it”

    Then you mentioned something about transferring to another number using your phone…and it having security check. Oh pls! They are not the same scenario.

    If you are transferring to another bank account, there are checks in place. Strict ones for that matter!

  8. Life is a risk. That you wake up and step out of your compound is a risk. Staying in your apartment without leaving is even a risk.

    Some people came with a quick and simple solution to the unending problems of recharge cards which millions of Nigerians now appreciate and prolly can’t live without and some people think it’s a lame idea. Thats absurd. Its like saying your ATM dispensing at a remote location is lame because you never leave the city.

    Another article was published today… you are your number one security. I think MR statistics should read that article.

  9. Hey, I don’t normally trade words with a faceless bigot, but your pitch really shows either you’re a novice or dumb altogether. People are naturally negligent that’s why security measures are in place. And comparing ATM Card with this instance, doesn’t follow. Why don’t they just remove the pin on your Card?

  10. You only assume my pitch makes you uncomfortable. If I were staring at you, I would say the same things im saying here.

    And just because what i’m saying totally opposes your view doesn’t make us enemies. We disagree to agree.

    But all the same, get with the program. Dont take it personal.

  11. Seems you just don’t get the whole thing. There’s a security measures in place! That security measures is
    1. Your personal mobile number
    2. Your ATM digits for third party phone recharge.

    Are you aware some international banks and financial institutions still make use of your mobile phone as a security measure for transactions? Even standard chartered bank here in Nigeria still makes use of SMS to send security code rather than hardware token. That should tell you how secure your GSM line is.

  12. lol, you can hear the “pitch” of Olamide’s voice just by reading a comment? that’s splendid
    plus how did you decide she was/is a bigot?

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