Are Lumia and Windows Phone fans about to be disappointed again?

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Venture Beat has an exclusive story that claims that based on internal communications at Microsoft, the planned rollout of Windows 10 Mobile to current Windows Phone 8 handsets has been delayed once again till February. The rollout was initially planned for December 2015 but didn’t happen then. This is coming on the heels of a few initial occurrences of rollout of the update to a few devices in Europe and South America.

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If the Venture Beat story is true, then Lumia fans and lovers may be getting even more disappointed with Microsoft. Windows Phone has witnessed an erosion of market share over the last one year, as smartphone sales have dropped. None of this has been surprising, considering that there was little happening in the platform’s corner while Microsoft working on getting Windows 10 mobile ready. Another delayed rollout would just not be tasteful for fans.

PS: If you are a Windows Phone fan, how have you coped in the last one year? Are you still using a Windows Phone smartphone as your primary smartphone? Share with us in the comments section.

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  1. I’m not surprised.
    I feel Windows10 for PC was rushed.
    It’s better for Microsoft to release Win10Mobile when it’s ready, rather than rush it to meet deadlines.
    I’m still using my Lumia 930 and 920. The former will be upgraded to Win10Mo when ready. I’m not in a hurry.

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