Weekend Rants: Are new Android phones getting boring?

Hello Mobilistas, for this edition of  weekend rants, we look at an erring part of the smartphone ecosystem. It has been staring at us for a long while now. A trend that has degenerated so much so that, while writing this post, I felt a slight rage burning in my stomach. What is this annoying thing? What spurred (or rather ) inspired this piece? Are new Android phones getting boring? Read on:

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Are New Android phones Getting Boring?

Every new smartphone we’re seeing now is just more or less a duplication of the previous ones. Nothing special. Nothing new, with very little difference. New phone releases these days carry almost the same specs ( more so annoyingly is the similar naming style) and very similar design. Name tags like: “Lite”, “Pro”, “Plus”, “S” and “S-Plus” are common place these days. You hear them, and already get the picture. The regular or lighter version will be 5-inches, and the bigger plus version will have 5.5″ and a bigger battery. Mtchew.

Manufacturers lazily throw in same specs or dance around them – adding some or removing others. It’s getting boring really. It is even more annoying when you see they carry the same iPhone-esque design. The alarming resemblance to the iPhone is good but annoying really.

Have we lost the true art of differentiation on the mobile smartphone space? Can we say that innovation for smartphones has hit a plateau? (A plateau is a point where there is little or no new development). In defence, some OEMS take the extra effort to customize their Android versions and top up some features. Some others have taken greater lenghts to add new (refreshing) hardware tweaks to their Android phones. Many thanks to LG for the V10, V20 phones.

Am I making sense? Or did we drag the argument too far? Your thoughts.



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