Are Paid-For Mobile Apps Necessarily Better Than Freeware Apps?

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Recently, I had a discussion with someone who was of the opinion that just because a mobile application has a price tag on it, it must be better than any freeware mobile application in its category.

Here is throwing the discussion open. What do you think? Do you agree with this opinion or do you have a different take?

Please note: whichever side you take, kindly provide example(s) to support you argument.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.


  1. Free or not free, a mobile phone app must provide d use or purpose for which it was installed in d 1st place satisfactorily to d end user. I cant provide a specific example now but from experience, free apps are no less different from paid-for applications.

  2. Azeez, good talk there about the need for an application to do exactly what it was developed to do. Whether it is freeware or commercial is immaterial.

    OliveTree’s BibleReader is a freeware that gets the job done as good as commercial alternative. Opera Mini is another.

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