Every now and then, I run into a comment here on MOBILITY from someone complaining about how the memory specified for a phone he purchased

Are some manufacturers publishing wrong phone specs?

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Every now and then, I run into a comment here on MOBILITY from someone complaining about how the memory specified for a phone he purchased turned out to be different from what he found on it. The latest complaint is from Edward Obi-Akpere:

My greatest disappointment in 2014 is buying an infinix buzz x260 phone: the actual INTERNAL MEMORY is 128MB instead of the 512MB as specified on the phone pack.

I have read one or two complaints about some TECNO models too not quite long ago here on MOBILITY. Is there a mistake somewhere or are some manufacturers presenting inaccurate info for their devices? If you have experienced anything similar to this or know anyone whoo has, please share. We would also love to have clarification from representatives of these manufacturers (and any others that may be mentioned).


  1. Lots of the Chinese device manufacturers seem to have something against allowing access to the entire device memory..

    The Tecno Phantom A Iii for example, claims to have 16 a gigabytes of memory. But the actual usable memory (for app installation) is less than 1 Gigabyte. That’s crazy!

    This is supposed to be a flagship Tecno…

    It’s important to note this, so you don’t go building castles in the air as to how much (internal ) memory you have for app installation

    If you are a serious gamer, or you are a serious app junky, or generally make use of voluminous apps, this may not be the phone for you.

    Of course, you can root and use link2SD, or, you can install… move.. (some) apps to…. on… the SDcard, but it is still noteworthy….

    The pity is, you cant tell how much memory some of these devices actually allow you install apps into until you actually use it, or somebody that owns one..informs you.

    Not nice…..

  2. 128mb? Now that is just nasty. Even the good old Symbian struggled with that amount of RAM. on Android you will tear your hair out and blood-curdling screams will damage your vocal cord….except the device is primarily for messaging and phone calls.

    I have heard of cases like this, mostly with the chinko brands. it is FRAUD.

  3. The manufacturers listed specification for the phones are usually tecnically correct, but are also incomplete & grossly misleading. Yet, we cant make a conclusive generalization on Chinese phones due to the activities of two or three Chinese phone brands available in Nigeria.

    Check Gizchina.com, to get a clear grasp of whats happening in the Chinese smartphone market. This knowledge has kept the likes of Tecno off my books because, while their phone are affordably priced, they are not as adequately speced as their other Chinese brands. They need serious competition in the likes of Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE.

    In the case of the Infinix phone, the 512MB quoted is definitely the ROM. The user accessible memory was left out in the specifications. My Samsung Galaxy Pro Duos is quoted to have 160 MB user memory, 512 MB ROM & 290 MB RAM.

    The tecnicality involved however is the ability to recognize the difference between bits (abbr. ‘b’) and bytes (abbr. ‘B’) in relation to digital storage. So 4GB is not the same as 4Gb.
    4GB (gigabytes) ? 4096 megabytes
    4Gb (gigabits) ? 512 megabytes
    16GB (gigabytes) ? 16384 megabytes
    16Gb (gigabits) ? 2048 megabytes

    Also its is worthy of note that my 2GB memory card has a user acessible memory of 1.76GB. The Moto G 8GB version has 5.53GB of internal storage accessable to the user. Mr Mo’s netbook has a 320GB hard drive, buh he can only work with around 280GB. Thats all because some parts of the Memory is allocated as system memory, there are some juju stuffs happening under the hood… lol

  4. Tecno did exactly what biola129 explained up there. They reported the value of the RAM in Gb. They do it intentionally all the time to Create confusion. Also manufacturers generally report the size of storage devices in decimal values which are general less than the binary value that computers will use to display the info to users later. For instance, when they report one kilobyte, what that will translate to is 1000B instead of 1024B which the computer will base it’s calculation on. the same thing happens with megabytes and gigabytes and those ones are more pronounced when there difference comes out from computer calculation, the reason a 320GB will come out as 280GB. Sure, the operating system will occupy part of the reported value but that’s not up to 40GB, the difference seen in the case biola reported here.

  5. Duly noted. I sought out to confirm this by getting a new USB flash frive . It was clearly stated that 1 megabyte is equal to 1 million bytes, and that some memory is not accessible due to the sysytem taking it up, on the pack.

    My HP Pavilion G6’s HDD, however, has just 283GB accessible out of the quoted 320GB. Digging inside more, i found a seperate hidden 14.3GB recovery partition. So yes, its not up to 40GB that is taken up by the system, but 23GB.

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