How much information do we really need to consume? Do we really need to be up-to-date with what our friends are doing at every moment

Are we heading for information overload?

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mobilesHow much information do we really need to consume? Do we really need to be up-to-date with what our friends are doing at every moment of the day? Do we need to attend to that email right away? Is the super, instant-connected wireless life in which we are deluged with so much information really adding that much value to our life or do we only think so?

In the beginning, we had email. Enter: Instant Messaging, RSS, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Afrigator and the like. Let’s not forget that for most people, there is still TV and radio alongside other traditional media pumping information our way.

Never mind too that lots of the information that we receive via all these channels are duplicated: you get it in your mailbox, get another version by RSS, run into several tweets repeating the same, etc, etc.

Now with the integration of these into mobile technology, it really becomes addictive. Your tweets and those of your friends follow you around. Same goes for email, Facebook, RSS feeds and all the others. All of them constantly begging for your attention – a beep here; a message notification there.

What got us thinking along these lines is that one of our team members did an audit of his life last year and felt that being so super-connected had become more of a hindrance than a help to him. So last year, he pulled the plug on many of these channels. He swears that he’s now much more productive and that he has put on some extra weight since then.

We see the results of his decision here at the office and agree about the effects it has had on him (notice the italics). We are happy for him. But can it be true that we all do not necesarilly need to be so dug deep in the super-connected life?

Do we really need to be this connected? Do we really need all that information or are we just suckers for the next technology buzz? Are we heading for an information overload? You tell us what you think.


  1. I remember pre 2001, where were we?. Suddenly we become so addicted with these things and we cant live again. Honestly, we dont need them,but with the rate things are happening we cant help but stay informed and the best way is to stay connected 247.

    What ever you do more than once becomes addiction,and you cant help it,most of these mobiles perform almost the same thing,but spend thousands imagine a phone costing 110k.You are even bent on buying them because it performs a function which you feel its not on your old phone.

    Well…… this is 2010. SHALOM

  2. I think sometimes these loads of information can really be unnecessary. This is even more so were the information is repeated. Sometimes I find myself disconnected from people around me that they complain. But come to think of it, when we can control it and filter what we pay attention to then we can lord it over those things that seek to enslave us

  3. I think it all depends on individuals. Some people are into high information-driven professions, while some only require the basic ICTs. My main concern is the area of duplication. I’m of the opinion that duplication was individual’s response to certain inadequacies in their preferred medium.

    But we need to be up-to-date in our respective ICT activities because we are competing along side players from the developed world. We can’t afford to lag behind. However, wisdom and logic are essential factors.

  4. Then lets be weary of spending our money i guess thats why we grow grey hair or better still become lean. beware of high BP

  5. Information overload is real and coming really fast. To cope with all these information, I just scan and discard those i find worthless almost immediately. I avoid many social sites and emails. just a few to keep me entertained. Any site or service that requires more than a passing interest is evaluated and most likely discarded.

    To be honest the huge swats of information on the internet on just about any subject is overwhelming. i think its best to stick to a few good sources, once in while update your favourite lists.

    I know I cannot be Jack of all trades… he died of HBP a long time ago.

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