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WordPress for Windows Phone

After upgrading Big Red to Windows Phone 8.1, I no longer could search for and find the official WordPress app in the Windows Phone Store. I have tried several times and it just doesn’t show up. I do not know whether this issue is peculiar to version 8.1 users or a general thing. However, I have the app already installed on my device, and it still works fine without any issues.

What I have done is hunt out the direct download link to the app. Apparently, it is still there in the Store, but for some reason, it is not showing up in search results.

Download: WordPress for Windows Phone.

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  1. WordPress is one of my favorite apps and soon after coming on WP8 I had to search for it in the store. what I got wasnt anywhere close to the app as I knew it and I remember I buzzed you up on twitter about that…

    thankfully, with this post I was able to download it and I’m loving it.

    you can check my blog out:

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