Samsung have already announced their first WP8 smartphone, the Ativ S, and it is looking good. Today, Nokia have also announced two upcoming Windows Phone

Are you looking forward to buying a Windows Phone 8 smartphone?

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Samsung have already announced their first WP8 smartphone, the Ativ S, and it is looking good. Today, Nokia have also announced two upcoming Windows Phone smartphones. The Finnish flagship is the Lumia 920.


Both the Ativ S and Lumia 920 are generally similarly-specified, with both featuring:

  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait processor with Adreno 225 GPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 megapixel camera

From there, the differences begin. The Ativ S has a larger 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, against the Lumia 920’s 4.5-inch PureMatrix HD Plus display, which Nokia says improves on the ClearBlack Display technology. It also lets you touch the screen through gloves. While the Samsung Ativ S features a microSD card slot, the new Lumia flagship lacks that.

The Lumia flagship’s camera, while 8 megapixels, features Nokia’s “PureView” technology and Carl Zeiss lens. PureView basically is about optical stabilisation to improve the quality of the images taken, plus enhanced low-light performance. Perhaps this is why Nokia didn’t bother with Xenon flash this time. How that works out in real use is left to be seen.

Lastly, the Nokia Lumia 920 also packs in LTE connectivity.

The Windows Phone 8 OS that both competing flagships run is now a compelling mobile platform. Its feature list includes:

  • Multitasking
  • NFC, Wallet Hub, Skype And VOIP
  • Screenshots
  • Photoburst mode in camera
  • OTA software updates
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

Nokia also announced the Lumia 820, a 4.3-inch display sibling to the 920 that runs pretty much the same internals.

The question now is, with the two flagships showcasing what is possible with Windows Phone 8, are you looking forward to buying a Windows Phone 8 smartphone soon?


  1. Well, i dont think i would switch to #wp8 just yet, the OS is great (played with my elder brother’s Lumia 900 last month) but hardware isnt compelling enough, my last year’s model Galaxy S2 already got a dual core processor and 8mp camera. A maybe 950 with 41mp camera, quadcore, 5″ screen, 32gb,2gb ram, xenon flash would float my boat

  2. I will rather watch from a distance first to make sure that every possible rough edges are ironed out first before trying any of the Windows Phone devices. I wouldn’t want to be among the first adopters.

    Again, pricing is going to be a big factor for me. If those are not very competitive against the Android counterparts, then I think simply stick with Android.

  3. The quality of the Nokia phones these days is serious. These guys are really working hard to innovate and all that.
    Pureview imaging, Super sensitive touchscreen even while wearing gloves, Puremotion HD+ display (an improvement on the already gorgeous Clearblack display), Wireless charging shells? Nokia I doff all my hats at once.
    If any of these were from a certain bitten-off fruity company, the standing ovation will still be on at the presentation.

  4. I think I am wishing for same thing. Though not sure yet until the prices are out. If the WP8 devices,ESP the 820, are are not too high, then I will deal with WP8.

  5. The lumia 920 is something to look out for. It’s got a lot covered. I watched an engadget interview with Steve elop where he compared pictures taken on the 920 against that of the s3 under low light. The difference was very clear. Those guys at Nokia have done some great work. I really just would like to enjoy the smoothness of the windows experience. Not necessarily interested in the new stuff they have to offer. So like Noni, i hope the price of the lumia 900 & 800 will drop drastically. Then i do some cherry picking.

  6. Windows Phone 8, I’m actually excited- I was gettin a tad tired of the IOS and Android dominance. Windows 8/Windows phone 8 *shivers in anticipation*.
    Blackberry my eyes are on your BB 10.

    I find it pleasing that Windows phone 7 apps can work on a windows Phone 8 device though developers can create a app strictly for WP 8. I also like the fact that even if WP 7 (7.5) devices can’t be updated to WP8, Microsoft made (will make) available a WP 7.8 update which should give comfort to the bleeding hearts of em geeks.

    Lastly form factor, UI etcetera differs from Apple so no patent fracas from those insecured bullies *mentally makin rude gestures at Apple’s backside*

  7. I haven’t read much about the Future of WP7. I just hope it will have enough to offer. Will read up some tweaks and development on it at XDA before deciding finally if I should do the WP7 or the WP8.

  8. When do Nigerians start enjoying a contact based deal on these great devices? Imagine a phone with 2yr contract being sold for N32k and without contract going for N115k. I wouldn’t mind the Nokia flagship had been I could get it on contract deal.

  9. @ olusolaosibeluwo, have you been inside my head? Lol.

    I don’t mind where WP7 goes, that’s my preference because I expect the price to drop. I doubt the Lumia 820 is going to be sold anywhere near the 800 but knowing these people, they will want to get as much mileage out of an OS they claim they will be abandoning in the near future. In that case, it will take a while for the price to drop.

    In the meantime, I’m going to get the Lumia 800 used. And I’d really like to see what WP7.8 (if it’s really coming and not a rumour) has to offer.

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