Its amazing the emotional and psychological pain we pass through when something bad happens to our gadgets. We have become so attached and glued to

Are you overcome with technology?

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Its amazing the emotional and psychological pain we pass through when something bad happens to our gadgets. We have become so attached and glued to our gimmicks that our lives have become dependent on it – for some they actually do.



Something like a laptop crash, A loss or crash to storage devices like external HDD, memory card, flash drive etc. can cause significant pain. The results may range from a deep sigh to maybe cursing everything on your way or escalate to staying moody for a period of time.

Just recently I lost a memory card in a very funny an unconventional manner – the card was just removed from the phone and the phone was left. I was surprised at how deeply I was attached to that memory card. You see, it was an 8GB memory card in which I saved all my favorite music collections, then a separate folder contained scanned documents, PDF’s, books and some other important stuff (Thankfully most were saved in Dropbox).

I was moody for days. Not having to listen to music mehn! It was depressing. But hey I’ve moved on. This really got me thinking, are we overcome with technology? Can we rate how dependent we are on our gadgets? Are your gadgets your only source of joy, or rather solace?

Your thoughts.


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  1. Funny, just yesterday I read a story on CNET about a woman whose phone “have up the ghost” while she was on the train. Guess what she did? She began to wail and yell. Not cry. Wail. Oh, well…

  2. But on a personal note, it happened to me too. Lost my first droid with a memory card inside. Initially I felt I would die, cause I had a lot on it: songs, photos, course materials and texts, ebooks, videos and more, with very little backed up. Not to mention the apps and tweaks/customisations on my phone. In the end, life went on. I was without a smartphone (and music) for three months.
    But that’s not my first story. Before that, I had a laptop stolen, four days before I began my first year in the university. Had lots of work on it, even my school documents. (Thankfully, I had some copies of the documents on another system.) When it happened, I was in a mental fog for days. But life went on. I haven’t yet gotten a replacement laptop.
    In all, however, God has actually used these experiences to break my over-attachment to technology, change my perspective on several things and help me refocus on what’s truly important in life. But, as each day passes, I learn more and more.

  3. When I lost my first phone (no memory card) I was gutted, it was such a lovely phone, a Siemens S35i. I bought another one, but I wasn’t the same. And a year ago I lost another phone. I wasn’t so worried about its loss as much as the stuff on the SD card. All I was wondering was if I had backed everything up.

    What technology does is alleviate boredom. I remember once my phone died on me on a journey home, and I have to admit I was filled with rage at all the people with battery power on their phone 😀

  4. Haven’t had the experience and am hoping not to because I can’t imagine how I will feel. Better not to.

  5. My brother is here just hissing, sighing and cussing because his phone develop some fault. But let us be truthful, we are very attached to our gadgets if not we won’t be on mobility blog. We just have to find a way to break this attachment because our social life is draining away

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