Any moment from now, people here and there across the landmass called Nigeria will experience sudden loss of signal on their phones and be cut

Armageddon Nigeria 2015: When the mobile base stations start shutting down

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Any moment from now, people here and there across the landmass called Nigeria will experience sudden loss of signal on their phones and be cut off from the rest of the world. There is nothing to panic about. It is the nearest base station to them running out of fuel. Gradually, the whole country will fall into a chasm of darkness as hundreds of millions of people are plunged into the stone age.

In the last weeks, power supply has dropped from 4,000 MW to 2,000 MW and now to 1,300 MW. It is still dropping. That means many people do not get public power supply for several days. Fuel scarcity is biting hard too, compounding an already bad situation. Very few fuel stations in the commercial city of Lagos sell fuel. From an official price of N87 per litre, black marketers now offer fuel for as high as N720 per litre. The situation is not this bad in many other places, but the virus is spreading.

Radio and TV stations are cutting down on broadcast times. Banks are running half days. Many small business people have abandoned their offices and now sit at home. Once the wave hits telecom operators, it is basically over. You see, 95% of Nigeria’s internal and external communications is powered by mobile. If the government does not deal with this situation, those base stations will begin to run out of fuel. The darkness of no communications will be worse than that of no public power. Armageddon beckons. Deep darkness looms.

When you stop hearing from me, it must mean that I have run out of fuel, power banks, and/or my telco has shut down.


  1. Singing…

    Nigeria is falling down, falling down, falling down…

    Nigeria is falling down, my dear people.

    ..ride, ride , ride you car, gently down the slope, merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, Nigeria is but a HELL!!!

  2. The irony, in Africa’s largest oil producing country. So far all I’ve heard this weekend is how the Excess Crude Account was spent in the past 5 years, but no one in the government has addressed the fuel shortage.

    Even worse, with no proper electrical power distribution, the reliance on generator is beginning to show. Which means small business will suffer if they don’t have the funds for the exorbitant petrol prices.

    Which has me wondering how farmers will cope, especially Catfish farmers in the hot weather (no seriously, I have an interest here). It’s distressing enough to know people will lose their livelihoods and lives, all because of a few people – A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE are holding the entire country to ransom.

    And our government is unlooking.

  3. GEJ… Good riddance! If I am the one writing Buhari’s Inauguration speech, I know a line or two I’ll include in it.

  4. Like i use to say and people will realise this in a matter of days that the ruling part is the worst thing that have ever happened to this country.
    Moreover this government is the worst we have had ever.Imagine them putting a blind,deaf and dumb at the helm of affairs.

  5. The marketers and government seem to have reached a truce. We should have some despite in a mature of days.

    So, the looming Armageddon seems to have been postponed (for now)…


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