Ask Mobility: Problem updating my Nokia N8 to Belle

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I am currently having problem updating my nokia N8 to the new symbian belle. when ever i try updating it keeps telling me server not responding, and i can not asscess ovi store as well on my device. Please could anyone guide me on how to resolve this problem?


  1. i had the same problem, but i solved it by 1st downloading Nokia software updater to my laptop(Ovi suite was not helpful), then connect the phone to the laptop and follow the prompts. it is easy and straight forward

  2. Are you guys talking about Belle, or Anna. To the best of my knowledge Belle is not officially out yet. I just checked on my Nokia N8-00 (firmware 024.001) now. There’s no update.

  3. I think they said Belle will be lunched officially on 26th of this month? Those who have done the update should tell us more pls

  4. There has not been any official proclammation on the release date for Belle. It was only a rumour which someone at nokia has refuted. From experience, Nokia does not announce a specific roll-out date of their software before it is rolled out.

  5. Hi All, Thank you for your questions around the new Symbian Belle Software for the N8. It’s great to see that you are eager to experience the awesome changes that we have been planned with this software, which brings a fantastic user experience on your Nokia N8. The Belle software for the N8 is in a testing phase and we are working hard to bring it to you soon. So please visit our website for further information on the Symbian Belle launch dates. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Symbian Belle Software, I encourage you to buy one these 2 new amazing devices that comes with the Symbian Belle software, they are the NOKIA 700 and the Nokia 701
    Best Regards
    Silvin Sinan
    Head of Care Nokia West Africa

  6. Silvin, good to see you here. Your users have lots of questions and who better to answer them than someone in your position?

    Here’s hoping to see you around more often. Cheers.

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