Asus to shift from making laptops to smartphones

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In a recent visit to India, Chairman of AsusTek, Jonney Shih disclosed that his firm will now shift focus to making more smartphones and convertibles. He also mentioned that PC’s are in lesser demand and that the future of technology is in the IoT (Internet of Things) platform.


“The PC market is slowly showing signs of decay as the world is moving to a cloud first, mobile first platform. At Asus, we believe in riding the current technology wave and hence in our research and development we are focusing more on devices like convertibles that will provide more productivity and connectivity on the go,”

“The trend is to get to a convergent device that will replace all other devices and make it easier for the easier. Having said that, mobile computing is still behind compared to PC-like experience,” he added.

He was also questioned on why the company sticks to Intel chips on their mobiles, and this was his reply:

“Intel chips are really powerful, powerful than most of the processors we see in the market and hence we have stuck to it. There are also less problems of heating.”

Here at we were also impressed with the Asus Zenfone 2 performance wise.


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