For a while now, what we’ve seen in the mobile tech space is a two-way cat-and-dog fight between Android and iOS. Trust me, it is

At last!! Microsoft makes something worth celebrating

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For a while now, what we’ve seen in the mobile tech space is a two-way cat-and-dog fight between Android and iOS. Trust me, it is getting boring to watch. It’s been a long time since we saw a fresh perspective and wholesome uniqueness in the mobile tech space. But thanks to Microsoft, we’ve finally seen something fresh to salivate on.



BlackBerry and Microsoft looked to have have taken a back seat, but we are finally beginning to see a bit of a fightback to bring some differentiation to the smartphone market. This is a good thing. Blackberry is coming with the Priv soonest, but Microsoft have beat them to it with the line of gadgets released yesterday.


During the launch event yesterday, Microsoft announced a host of new hardware: two flagship phones, one low-end phone, a new Surface Pro tab, a laptop, and some other new gadgets. It was exciting to see a big player like Microsoft coming up with new technology rather than mimicking what others have already done.


Let’s take for instance the flagship phone – Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. It has refreshing specs truly worthy of a flagship. There’s a liquid cooling system in place for it’s components, Windows Hello a security system (that works with an infrared sensor and camera) to check one’s face before the phone is unlocked. The camera is outstanding (on paper), plus Continuum which is the best feature yet – for connecting your phone to a bigger display.


This is good for the mobile scene which has gotten boring with just Android and iOS poking at each other all over the place. Microsoft is getting focused and heading in a good direction. It would be fair to predict that these new Microsoft flagship phones will attain moderate success.

I’m not a prophet though but hey! Huge credits for a job well done.

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  2. too soon to say, but i will admit that Microsoft seem to be heading in the right direction

  3. Am impressed with their recent releases and tempted to take a splurge but am still not convinced with their App lineup,hope something revolutionary is on its way too..

  4. The 950XL is particularly interesting. I just hope the phone truly feels premium and a little affordable.

  5. OlamideMB OlamideMB OlamideMB! How many times have I called your name?

    Since when was Flagship synonymous with “affordable”? When in the last year was a flagship “affordable” from ANY manufacturer??

  6. yes, for a long time
    between the debacle of killing Windows Mobile (WinMo) off without an upgrade path to Windows Phone 7 & the same thing for Windows Phone 7 to 8 & the numerous redesigns of the UI, they were not only going in the wrong direction, they were on the wrong path

  7. premium and affordable, next thing you’ll be asking for phones with ACs or printers

  8. Chai, see gangup o. I know it wont be cheap na. Lol But affordable get grade. When you cant afford to not have a bad month cos you dropped your phone in the closet, then it’s not affordable :d

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