I use the generic email client on the Xperia P, as I have since migrated away from Gmail to Outlook for all my mails. Today,

Attaching Documents To Email On the Sony Xperia P

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I use the generic email client on the Xperia P, as I have since migrated away from Gmail to Outlook for all my mails. Today, I received an email that needed a response. I also needed to attach a document in my reply. After reading the mail in question, I hit the “Reply” button, typed out my response and hit the “Attach File” icon. Here is what I got:

Xperia P: Attaching-files-to-generic-email-client

Surprise! Surprise!! The only attachment options available were for media files. There didn’t seem to be a way to attach a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file from inside the generic email client. Just like obtains on Windows Phone and iOS. Oh, was I enraged! This wasn’t an issue on some other Android smartphones that I reviewed recently, the HTC One X and Galaxy Note II. On both of those, access to the file manager was granted immediately so I could pick the document that I wanted to send. This is the problem with Android: you almost never know what to expect when you switch from one brand to another, even with something as basic as attaching documents to outgoing mail.

After a while, I just thought to see what happened if I selected the “Add Photo” and “Add Video” options. When I selected either, I got a menu with options to select the default file manager, Dropbox, or photo/video galleries, depending on which I picked. Here is what picking the “Add Video” option gave me.


From there, when I selected “ASTRO File Manager”, I was able to browse through the file system to pick the document I wanted and attach it to the mail. This is without doubt an unintuitive process and a long journey. Why Sony chose to implement it this way baffles me, but at least the ability to attach all manner of files is there.

A nice discovery though is finding out that I can also attach a file directly from my Dropbox account nice! Cool enhancement. By the way, ASTRO File Manager came pre-installed on the Xperia P.


  1. It would appear that nothing can / should ever be taken for granted where technology is concerned.

    Should we immediately embark on a long journey in an unfamiliar car we have never handled, without checking the mechanical/electrical state of the car, whether it has a spare tyre, a working Jack,etc ~ despite being an experienced driver?

    can’t count how many times my assumption and over_reliance on (mobile)technology has messed me up!

  2. That approach is rather silly. They should have also present the Astro File Manager the very first time one selects the attach option. I even thought initially that maybe a file manager application was not installed by default on the phone. That’s rather poor implementation there. Probably one of the things that have helped to put Sony where it is in the Android ecosystem presently.

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