Attaching Documents To Email On the Sony Xperia P

I use the generic email client on the Xperia P, as I have since migrated away from Gmail to Outlook for all my mails. Today, I received an email that needed a response. I also needed to attach a document in my reply. After reading the mail in question, I hit the “Reply” button, typed out my response and hit the “Attach File” icon. Here is what I got:

Xperia P: Attaching-files-to-generic-email-client

Surprise! Surprise!! The only attachment options available were for media files. There didn’t seem to be a way to attach a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file from inside the generic email client. Just like obtains on Windows Phone and iOS. Oh, was I enraged! This wasn’t an issue on some other Android smartphones that I reviewed recently, the HTC One X and Galaxy Note II. On both of those, access to the file manager was granted immediately so I could pick the document that I wanted to send. This is the problem with Android: you almost never know what to expect when you switch from one brand to another, even with something as basic as attaching documents to outgoing mail.

After a while, I just thought to see what happened if I selected the “Add Photo” and “Add Video” options. When I selected either, I got a menu with options to select the default file manager, Dropbox, or photo/video galleries, depending on which I picked. Here is what picking the “Add Video” option gave me.


From there, when I selected “ASTRO File Manager”, I was able to browse through the file system to pick the document I wanted and attach it to the mail. This is without doubt an unintuitive process and a long journey. Why Sony chose to implement it this way baffles me, but at least the ability to attach all manner of files is there.

A nice discovery though is finding out that I can also attach a file directly from my Dropbox account nice! Cool enhancement. By the way, ASTRO File Manager came pre-installed on the Xperia P.

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