You may have received a text message/email or seen a Facebook or Twitter post yesterday about a killer number “09141” which is apparently supposed to

Attack of the Killer Number!

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You may have received a text message/email or seen a Facebook or Twitter post yesterday about a killer number “09141” which is apparently supposed to strike people dead once they pick a call from it. According to the rumor, it killed 7 people (it never increased from 7) yesterday and has some other killer counterpart numbers which assist it in it’s duties.

This sounds like a rumor passed around a few years ago about a different number. I know I might hurt some feelings saying this but personally, I believe this is just a rumor with no iota of truth in it because I only heard but never saw proof of the deaths and personally, I’m a logical person, and it’d take more than hearsay to get me to believe anything.

On a lighter note though, this could be a great viral marketing strategy for any company willing to spread buzz about it’s products, e.g the Mirinda Alien (Orange Men in Lagos) saga so many years back.

That’s all for now but please I would love to know the techniques numbers use in killing and also if anyone has proof of the “murders”, I stand to be corrected, in the meantime though, if you per chance receive a call from the “killer number” and decide to pick, please don’t blame me 🙂


  1. If answering a call from that number causes death, then the belief in such (and similar rumours) causes brain death.

  2. We all got this text yesterday and nigerian that we are, we forwarded it to as many people as possible “just in case”

    A friend of mine sent me a bbm saying he called the number several times but discovered it did not exist. I was really surprised. Was he tired of life and looking for a way out by wanting the number talk to him or rather talk him out of this world? But then, he was wrong. The number does exist.

    How many of us realized the number is yesterday’s date?

  3. It was viral marketing which must have started from some of those network providers. I don’t have aproof though, but they all smiled to the bank with sms and voice calls money yesterday. It realy was yestwerday date indeed.

  4. ‘I just received a call from 09141 and died. This is my ghost posting.’

    Yes; I actually published the Obituary in PhantomWare Newspaper. I was also at the burial. which took place in IllogiKality Cemetery…

  5. Earleier posted under the wrong topic….

    On a serious note, though, it is possible for sorcerers and occultists to ‘call’ someone (in his sleep). If there is no network failure, that person will just answer ooooooo, , then, ‘fall down & die’ (apologies to Mountain Of Fire o)

    It is called ‘Apéta’ in Yorubazland.

    I can bluetooth the instructions to whoever wannts to learn this arcane art. Just ask!

  6. This is Telnetings mother. Apparently, he received a call from that number and the rest is history.. I am happy to inherit his N8, I.m off to take pictures with it at the owambe party.. I got my swagger back !

  7. People are just superstitious. And it is nice that it was published on the mobility blog.

    I’ve tried calling the number and I’m surprised I’ve not received a call from them. My Aunt actually called me over 5 minutes on phone yesterday begging me not to pick if the number calls me. Knowing the kind of person that I was she began crying as she dropped the phone.

    The question I keep asking myself is what is the basis of death through receiving a phone call? Is it that the caller put a very dose of radio waves in the particular call to fry the brain? Is it from hypnosis and subtle suggestions of death. Or are we actually in Star Trek, with a subtle but science fictional mumbo jumbo on the cause of death? Beats me.

    If it’s true or whatever happened, it would be good to investigate this phenomenon! Or perhaps they placed juju (Jaz) in their mouth before making the fatal call to kill someone.

    But it just can’t be true. No matter how much you believe it!

  8. @Afewgoodmen:, as a Doctor, if you believe in PHYSICS, the logical next grade is METAphsics!

    If a phenomenon does not obey (or can not be explained by ) the Laws of Physics), it is in the realm of metaphysics (beyond Physics)…

    I would be cautious in speedily dismissing EVEYTHING that is ILLOGICAL, because logic does not explain all things (like paranormal/abnormal phenomena)..

  9. The whole thing got me really disgusted at how gullible, stupid, and illogical many people can be.

    the only upside was receiving the warning sms from 3 babes. I had no idea they liked/loved me so much. *blushing*

  10. Oooh boy it was fun galore. I never knew I meant so much to people I felt where hostile to me. My phones almost crashed. even if it was true there is no way on earth such will happen to me either in this age or that which is to come. I wonder where the faith of people are these days who claim to know and serve God in spirit and in truth.

  11. How do they know that the 7 people died because of the number. Do they tell somebody that I am going to pick a call from so so number before answering and then dying?

    Please tell them to call me! I can’t post my number on a public forum but I can give it to them via Yomi if he agrees to be the referee.

  12. Well, since some folks were attributing this killer number to Boko haram, I immediately express my joy at the fat that all the bombing will soon cease once this killer number is perfected upon by the sect.

    I answered the previous “evil number”. I think that was about 2004. The number called some dude, and since he wasn’t brave enough, I took the phone and cussed the life out of the person at the other end. When the number called ack the third time, he realized it was his uncle whom he’d asked for money a few weeks prior. Needless to say, the money never came.

  13. take the red pill & come with me.the killer num is a program.the ‘death trgger’ is a program which executes a freq note beyond the supersonic wavelenght( a shrill)whose root kernel is coupled to base station freq.actually the brain is fried,but the heart wld stil be pumping,but due to panick,folks wid forget to call a doc.lack feed back mech from the brain will finaly . . . . take the blue pill,comee with me to the true world of knowldge where peole do not PERISH for lack of it.

  14. I did not believed with that killer Number untill when i was called with it, but lucky enough i didn’t picked the call, another reason that made me to believed with that killer Number was how our gateman found himself unconcious after he received a call from that Number, infact it is real, pls watch your calls b4 u answered.

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