The new Audi e-tron electric SUV radiates elegance, style, power

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Electric cars are next level innovation in the world of automobile and different car manufacturers are constantly in competition to outdo themselves. One of these electric cars worthy of mentioning is the Audi e-tron.

The Audi e-tron, which is scheduled to begin deliveries in 2019, is a battery electric SUV that was unveiled by the German maker in San Francisco two weeks ago. With some eye catching features both in the interior and exterior, this beauty of a car radiates elegance and style.

Here we have a five seat passenger room, foldable rear seat, standard ventilated front seats with optional massage feature and a display of functions that includes navigation, entertainment and connectivity between your phone apps and the vehicle. The Audi e-tron’ s interior, which is consistent with other Audi utilities, is designed for maximum comfort. But it doesn’t end here.

The Audi e-tron delivers superior performance and driving dynamics with its longitudinal combustion engines with a pair of transverse electric motors. There is one per axle. The built-in DC fast-charging system of up to 150 kilowatts will allow the battery to recharge to 80% of capacity in 30 minutes. In addition, the high performance horsepower engine pushes the car from 0-60 mph in 5.5 secs. Lastly, there is a 250 mile electric range. All of these make for a smooth driving experience.

Audi e-tron electric SUV Key features

Other Features of the e-tron include:

  • Masterful sound proofing.
  • Remote climate control.
  • Instant torque output for instant response.
  • Five air suspension modes.
  • Maximum tow rating up to 4,000lbs.
  • Unique liquid cooling system for reliable temperature.

Audi e-tron electric SUV

The e-tron comes with a charging capsule that can fully charge its battery in approximately 9 hours from a 240 volt/50 amp outlet. As you would expect, prices for the Audi e-tron would require that you break the bank in acquiring this beauty. Prices range from a whopping $74,800 for the premium trim level to $86,700 for the first edition one models.

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