How To Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive

A PS4 which is only left with a limited memory becomes no less than a pain. To enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, you need to upgrade your PS4 hard drive. The newer versions come with an extended memory, however if you have the older version, you should know how to upgrade it.

PS4 hard drive

To upgrade your PS4 hard drive, you will need:

  • A compatible HDD
  • A laptop
  • A USB device (with 5GB of free memory)
  • A screwdriver

Select HDD first

You need to have a hard drive to replace your existing one. Usually PS4 has 500 GB 2.4 inch SATA HDD. The one you are replacing it with should be not more than 9.5 mm in thickness.

Next is to prepare for an update

Now you must prepare your PS4 for an update. Before you upgrade your PS4 hard drive, you need to know that upgrading will leave you with a risk of losing your data, including unsaved games, screenshots, etc.

To avoid losing your data, back it up before you prepare for an update.

Get rid of the old HDD

Now that you have saved your data, it is time to remove your existing HDD. First, you need to turn of the PS4 completely, and keep it on a smooth surface. Remove the glossy part of the casing.

Once that is removed, metal HDD enclosure would be visible to you. The enclosure will be held in place with a screw which you will have to remove using screwdriver.

When you are done removing the screw, you will now need to remove the HDD with its metal jacket.

Install new PS4 hard drive

Once you are done with removing the existing HDD, it is now time to put in the new one. Place the new USB drive in the tray, taking care to keep the flat side of the disk right at the handle of the drive.

The exposed component of the drive must now be lying flat on the open edge of the tray. Lastly, fix the screw back in place. If you have chosen a device that is slimmer than the previous one, you will have to adjust the new one accordingly.

When you are done securing the screws back in place, take out the tray back into the console until you confirm that it is secure in the PS4 completely. Next, place the PS4 and make sure that you lid back on the top of the console.

Reinstall PS4 system software

The last step is to reinstall system software. You will need a laptop and a USB having at least 1 GB of free memory.

Create a folder in your USB drive to save your data, and then create a new folder and name it ‘UPDATE’.

Download the latest software system then. After you download it, drag the file into ‘UPDATE’ folder.

Plug the USB with the installed file to your PS4 hard drive. PS4 will now grab the file from USB and then install it on the hard drive.


Not impressed with how your car is looking as of late? Try these easy and cheap fixer-uppers

Getting a car to look as good as it’s looked the first day you got it is an almost impossible job. Especially if the only thing you do is take it to the cleaners once a month, you can’t expect it to have the shine of yesterday. However, that doesn’t mean that its spark is gone forever. There are some easy and cheap things you can try that will make you fall in love with your wheels all over again. So if you’re down to try out a couple of things, you might want to keep reading this article. Once you’re done with this piece, you should try it out yourself as you never know what the future can bring for your car.

fix the look of your car

The floor mats

You won’t even begin to imagine how big of a difference new floor mats could make. There is something about people not treating their floor mats with the respect they deserve that is just odd. That being said, you can make your car seem like a completely new vehicle in a way, just by getting new floor mats. You can get whatever strikes your fancy in terms of color and design. If you want them to blend in then get something subtle. If you want the complete opposite, get something completely wacky and unexpected. Your feet will throw a party every time you hop into the car.

The car seats

The car seats are very important because they are one of the first things that you see when you open the doors to a new car. It’s what you see when you open any car, for that matter. The point is that they play a huge role in how we perceive a vehicle visually. Replacing the seats might be a little costly but luckily you don’t have to do that. Most times there’s nothing wrong with the actual seats, just with the exterior layers which have taken a beating over time. The wear and tear can be easily masked however with new car seat covers. They essentially transform your seats into completely new seats and you can follow any theme, or color scheme that you deem fitting for your car. You can even have them match your new mats.

Car scents

Investing in powerful car scents will do wonders for your vehicle. The way a car smells can make that particular car very inviting or quite the opposite. It depends on what kind of odor you keep inside your car and that’s something that you need to work on. It’s not enough to get a cheap pine scent from the gas station once every 2 months. You have to really put some effort into it and get a powerful car scent. It can be any flavor makes you reach a state of euphoria. Zesty oranges, crunchy almonds, hardwood, freshly cut grass or even the sea. These are all valid and exciting options for you to try out and to enjoy in your refreshed and revamped car interior.