Auto-correct, not Skynet, will start the final world war

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If you have been worried that artificial intelligence (AI) is what will someday trigger off the final war that will wipe out humanity, you are over-thinking. At this rate, we will need not worry about AI or any versions of Skynet doing us in. Auto-correct, the ever-present danger of software stupidity, is quite capable of setting the world ablaze much sooner.


I am betting that auto-correct has gotten you into some minor messy situations before – and probably some major ones too. Have a look at this tweet for an example of how much danger auto-correct is:

Now, imagine one day the President of the USA (or some other nuclear nation) types an otherwise harmless message to the secretary of defence or something, and auto-correct strikes…. oh, yes.

In the meantime, do share the tales of auto-correct accidents that you have encountered. How much damage was inflicted? This should be interesting.


  1. auto-correct is also helpful. Lets not forget that.
    I searched for affang soup but it corrected me to afang soup. Isn’t that helpful in providing the right search query result?

  2. The trigger to the world’s end we all know it will come from some politico confusing the war vs the emergency buttons.

    Autocorrect funny enough spells itself correctly, but not usually the word we want!

  3. A couple of sites feature some truly epic and hilarious autoWRONG.

    I have never really had a calamity happen because of autocorrect, though… but regular embarrassment is common. The mis-substituting is more egregious when you swipe rather than tap on your Keyboard.

    The last time I visited one such site, I almost had a schizophrenic seizure. Even the famed stoic Tunde Idiagbon would bellow with laughter.

  4. I typed ‘hey helen, how are you?’ I read again after sending, I saw ‘hey, hoe are you?’ I didn’t know how it happened.

  5. Just yesterday, I typed ”Fraud is colely caused by greed” on LinkedIn. It was so embarrassing as I cant imagine what could have gone wrong. And it was too late to correct to solely anyway.

    By the way, autocorrect has a viagra in the name of autocomplete. These techs are good but could be so annoying, and they sometimes work hand in hand to make life miserable. I feel they are not needed when i use my BlackBerry.

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