AutoMate is the car dashboard app for your Android device

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AutoMate is an intuitive car dashboard app for your Android device. It makes common services available to you from your device while you’re driving. Things like controlling your music player, getting directions using Maps, and reading your texts aloud can be done with this app.AutoMate-Car-Dashboard (1)

It presents data in a landscape manner, the control buttons are large and distractions are at a minimum since it’s supposed to work like a dashboard. Below are the key features of this app:

  • Ability to search for directions and launching your favourite navigation app for turn-by-turn directions. One can search for places all in one click.


  • Calls and SMS through voice input. There’s also ability to read texts aloud.
  • Navigating through popular media apps using buttons, swiping, or voice.
  • Display of contextual information, notifications, missed calls, etc.

The app is still in beta stage, you can join the Google+ community HERE. You can also grab the apk HERE.


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