Avalanche: Nokia X range announcements take GSMArena down

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Yesterday, I tweeted that Nokia’s announcements were what lots of people are waiting for at Mobile World Congress this year. I got a response:

Well, just after Nokia announced all three Android-powered devices, GSMArena got swamped with traffic and has been down for several minutes now. There.

gsmarena nokiax

You know what? I am here, trembling, keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that MOBILITY will survive this avalanche too. Damn you, Nokia! Three Android smartphones in one day? You guys need a ward in a psychiatric hospital.

  1. what I don’t get is…why this late?

    why was Elop not given the Sanusi treatment long before he could finish His hatchet job at Nokia?


  2. Now, I don’t exactly want to revisit the past but this is happening with only a mediocre hardware. imagine where Nokia announced an Android phone with a Lumia 1520 hardware, 1020 hardware even and Mr. Mo will stop pretending that Android wouldn’t have revived Nokia if they’ve taken the route initially. Even right from this moment, if Nokia should announce an Android phone with 1520 hardware, even Samsung will be visibly worried and we won’t have to wait for more than 6 months to know if Nokia will survive or not.

  3. Harry,

    All this “If Nokia should announce an Android phone with 1520” is a waste of energy. Nokia has not. Nokia can not. And Nokia will not. Years ago, Nokia made a choice that they are bound by till date. End of story. You may not agree with the decision, but then how many decisions that people around us make do we agree with? It is their call and they have made it.

    I am glad that Nokia picked Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform. Without Nokia, Windows Phone would never have survived. Nokia’s choice has given myself and others an alternative to Android. That is good enough for me.

    Yes; that makes me a selfish consumer. We are both probably selfish. But I am betting that the only reason you are still griping about this is because you want Android in Nokia hardware and and with Nokia services, and you didn’t get it. I got what I wanted, and so I am happy 🙂

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